UNC-YCares: Post-Game Quotes + Audio

NASSAU, Bahamas – Read and listen to what Roy Williams, Quentin Thomas and Byron Sanders had to say following the Tar Heels exhibition win on Sunday…

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What did you get from this trip?
"The biggest thing is this helps Michael Copeland feel a little more about what it is. It shows how bad of shape we are in, and hopefully it will show them the value of the preseason conditioning program. I think we did some things to help our team chemistry for all the freshmen, but mostly for Michael because he wasn't here in summer school and those extra games and four practices will really help."

Were you able to put in anything new?
"No. Seriously, we had four practices and they were an hour and fifteen minutes each. You can't put anything in. What I want to do on the offensive end is share the basketball; if you're teammates got a more open shot, give it to him. On the defensive end, try to guard the basketball."

What did this opponent bring more than yesterday's?
"They were bigger and we were a little sore from yesterday. Bobby [Frasor's] shoulder was hurting him and Danny [Green] (thigh bruise) didn't play, so we had to move some people around and we had foul trouble."

Mission accomplished? Was this worth it?
"Yes, I think it was a good trip for all of us."

On Quentin Thomas' play:
"He had 15 assists in three turnovers (this weekend) by these stats, so you've got to like that."


What have you learned the most since last year that's going to make you better this year?
"Game tempo and game speed; sometimes you can sense something that really isn't there. So game tempo and just feeling my teammates and not trying to do too much and just make the easy play."

Talk about the feeling you had when you first walked on the court in a UNC uniform?
"It's really unexplainable. You really can't explain it. It's just a blessing and not to just play for North Carolina, but to be around a group of great guys and a great coaching staff that really cares about you on and off the court. And I have a lot of fun with these guys."

You're probably going to have a lot more fun this year?
"The people that left… I really loved them and I'm going to miss them dearly, but we have a great bunch of guys. I'm happy for the guys that left and I really wish them the best. We have high expectations this year. A lot of people don't see that for us, but I do."

Do you feel any added pressure this year?
"I don't feel pressure. The only pressure I feel is the pressure I put on myself. I just want to get better day-by-day and do whatever I can to help my team."


How much more comfortable to you feel out there this year?
"I just feel a lot more experienced because I've been around the college game for a long time. I'm going to see. I've got to shake off the nerves and play. I've got to be a player. So yeah, I feel more comfortable."

Do your feet still bother you like they did when you were a freshman?
"Oh yeah, my bunions still hurt."

You're looking forward to an increased role this year, I suspect?
"Oh yes sir, yes sir. I've got to pick up my game even more rebounding and defending. I'm working on it. That goal is making me stronger."

How's your family?
"They're fine. They've got a generator. My brother went and got gas from somewhere in Alabama. They're doing good right now."

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