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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Read and listen to what the North Carolina basketball coach had to say from the Smith Center on Tuesday following the Tar Heels' trip to the Bahamas...

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Opening Remarks

I think it was good for our team, we had the opportunity to have four practices – NCAA allows you 10, but you also can't start until the first day of classes for new players. And since the new players are half of our team, it wouldn't do us any good to start before then. Those practices helped the freshmen particularly. The games, I'd like to say helped our freshmen, but they're like a MASH unit now. Tyler made it through the whole time, Michael Copeland made it through the whole time. Marcus didn't play at all and in fact is finishing surgery as we speak. Danny got a thigh bruise, for lack of more information – tried to play with it, but didn't play well so we held him out Sunday. Bobby Frasor in Saturday's game, a guy came down with his elbow on his shoulder and it was pretty painful. We almost held him out on Sunday. … I do think it was beneficial to us, it gives the freshmen a heads up about what's going to be expected of them later on. The competition wasn't the greatest in the world, but they were good teams that tried very hard. The people down there treated us marvelously.

On Ginyard's injury –

I'm extremely concerned, but we have no information right now. As soon as I leave here I'm going back over the hospital. We'll make a statement, but it probably will not be until tomorrow. … He is literally still in the operating room right now. … It's a broken scaphoid bone on his non-shooting left hand, it's the first bone closest to your thumb. … He fell in the last week of July in a pickup game. The X-rays showed nothing, we put him in a splint for a month, he came back and it still hurt, so they did another X-ray and still couldn't find anything. They found it on an MRI and the hand specialist said it'd be better to operate so they're putting a screw in.

What's the team schedule from now until the start of practice?

We're trying to give them this week off, and then next week we'll start on the 15th with the four-week running program, and the weight program – try to make it pretty comprehensive and fairly difficult and we still have two hours per week that we can work on them individually … I do think there are things we found this weekend that can tell us more of what we want to work on. We really will concentrate on the individual aspects of it – the weight room, running on the court, so their conditioning will be ready for when we start practice.

On Reyshawn Terry's performances –

… He does have an ability to score and I think he got tired – and as soon as he got tired, he got sloppy. And that's something he's got to get past. But he does have an ability to score and I'm not trying to downplay it, but these games did not show me anything glaring that I didn't expect. Our freshman gained more from it than anybody. Other than that, the chemistry was the biggest thing.

What did you see from freshman Michael Copeland?

I was very pleased … He's very coachable, wants to do the right thing. He's a youngster who had to do a heck of a lot of extra work to be here as supposed to being at some other places that were not requiring the extra work, but he desperately wanted to be here and worked his tail off this summer and did the things we asked him to do. In fact he didn't practice Tuesday or Wednesday. He practiced Thursday and Friday with us so he's even behind the other guys. He hasn't been in the weight room like those guys were during the summer. But I think [this trip] was more beneficial for him than anybody and it did confirm what we thought there was a possibility of having there. Now he's going to have the greatest time of his life and the most difficult time of his life over the next eight weeks … Defensively he couldn't guard his lunch, but there is hope there. He's a wonderful kid with a marvelous attitude, looks right down into your soul when talking to you. If he doesn't help us with his rebounding, then I'll be surprised – that's what I thought he could do, it's the reason he's here.

Have you noticed a different approach from Byron Sanders?

Yes, he is doing some things much better – his concern, his interest, his desire, his want-to is at a very much higher level than last year. He sees there's a possibility there for playing time and I think he's going to work much harder for it and be more into it mentally and physically.

Who played the best at the point guard position?

Quentin did some nice things. I thought it was more beneficial for Michael Copeland, but if I was to pick the second guy I'd probably say Quentin. He tried to push the ball, tried to get the pace going, his assist to error ratio for the two games by the stat sheet was 15-3. I don't think it was that good, ‘cause he had more turnovers, but I think he also had more assists. The first game everyone turned it over except Quentin. So I felt like he made some strides, Bobby again was curtailed because of the problem with his shoulder … and Wes played a little at the point, but more at the two. He probably had the second most shots on the team.

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