UNC-GT: John Bunting Quotes + Audio

ATLANTA -- Read and listen to what the UNC head coach had to say following the Tar Heels' 27-21 loss at Georgia Tech on Saturday...

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Opening remarks:
"It was a giant M.O. We missed an opportunity. We had a chance to do something really special. Give Georgia Tech a lot of credit. They're 2-0 now with the win at Auburn and beating us here, and they played tougher at the end.

"We made some plays. But we didn't make enough plays. We were very poor on a lot of third downs, particularly in the first half, and then some in the third quarter. Offensively when we had a chance to go out there after it was 14-14 at the half, I thought we would start moving the ball, but they snuffed us. They just stuffed us and stuffed us, and we couldn't convert anything. We were three-and-out, three-and-out. I don't know exactly what it was the first couple of series in the third quarter, but it wasn't good.

"But give these players credit. They continued to play hard and continued to believe. And I'm hopeful that we can come home to Chapel Hill and play a whale of a game against a great Wisconsin team, and put it all together. I believe that there were a lot of communication problems out there, both offensively and defensively, and that led to problems, and we've got to handle that."

On difficulty running the ball:
"There were times when I thought we were going to get the run game going. And I think there will be some players extremely disappointed - either the offensive lines, tight ends, wide receivers or running backs - that did not capitalize on the opportunities that were there. When you run zone pressure, sometimes you get one guy upfield, you get some vertical windows, and we didn't see them. We've got to get better at that. We've got to take advantage of that as a runner. We need to ensure the integrity of our blocking scheme when were running the outside zone play, instead of getting knocked back for three or four yards. We're going to be very disappointed when we watch this tape, though we'll be encouraged by the toughness with which we tried to finish the game."

On the first four series of the third quarter:
"That is really disappointing. That is your opportunity to do something special and turn this game around. And we couldn't get in done. I wanted to run the football. We tried to run the football. We just couldn't get it done. You want to give Georgia Tech credit, but we have to execute better and be smarter to run the football."

On the performance of QB Matt Baker:
"For the first game out as a starter, I liked what I saw. You see what kind of arm he had, and you see how he can fit balls in there. He had three interceptions that will drag his passing efficiency down, but I like the guts of the kid. I think he can play. But he has to do a better job of organizing and managing that offense out there, too, and he knows that, and I hope he does that next week."

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