UNC-GT: Chan Gailey Quotes

ATLANTA -- The Georgia Tech head coach addressed the media following the game on Saturday...

Can you talk about Damarius Bilbo and the day that he had?
"He really showed us what we thought he could be. You don't always know if it will continue but I was so excited for us and especially excited for him."

Talk about Reggie's play.
"For the first three and a half quarters, he engineered drives and just played really well. He engineered drives and did some nice things. We have to get better in the red zone, but North Carolina's defensive front were very good. After one of our big runs, they didn't let us do anything on the ground and that's why we had to throw more. We all waited to see if it was going to happen, but I truly believed he would this type of year." Talk about the play of your defense. "They really stepped up. We had a great punt return and then were called for a penalty and that really hurt us. That would've put the game away but we didn't execute the way we should have. We have to get better at that and that's my responsibility. The defense responded and stepped up when they had to. The interception by Dennis (Davis) and the great pressure on the passer were a key for us late in the game."

How long have you been working on the play when Damarius (Bilbo) passed the ball to Reggie (Ball)?
"We've been working on it since preseason."

North Carolina's defensive front probably forced you to pass a little more than you would've liked.
"I thought that for the first three and a half quarters, we passed the way we needed to. We hit some short passes, some up the middle, and some deep. We did some things that we hadn't done in a while and I give Reggie a lot of credit for making the right reads and getting the ball to the right guys."

Before the game, people were talking about Tech losing a big game after winning a big game. How does it feel to get that monkey off you back?
"It feels great to win. I think everyone made a bigger deal than it really was. When you r gola is to go out and win every game, it doesn't matter."

Your 3rd down efficiency was terrific today. Have you been working on that?
"We've really emphasized improving that aspect of the game to our players. It was something we were not good at last year and we've really improved on that this year."

How do you evaluate the secondary when you see that they've given up a lot of yards but they always seem to step up when they need to?
"I thought North Carolina's offensive line did a great job of protecting their quarterback today. We made plays when we have to and that helped us win the game. We played well early and then we missed a tackle which gave them confidence at the time. If we can keep pressure on them and keep them from making a big play, then we have a chance to keep them from scoring."

Are you second-guessing yourself about throwing the ball short, and do you think you should have given it to PJ Daniels a little more as the game went on?
"We hadn't run the ball well at all since the first half so I decided to keep going throwing the ball to the guys that were making plays for us."

Was your offensive line getting tired during the course of the game because of the fact that you had to pass more?
"Their front seven were strong and physical, and they did a better job at stopping the run as the game went on, especially in the second half."

Are you in favor of instant replay (on the play when the interception thrown by Reggie Ball was overturned)?
"I definitely am. I'm just got they got the play right and I think that's what everybody wants. You don't want to lose a game on an incorrect play."

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