Sunday with John Bunting

Read excerpts from the UNC teleconference on Sunday evening....

"Last night was hard. That was a game we had an opportunity of winning. After reviewing the tape… We had plenty of opportunities to win. I liked the effort in all three phases… Offense, defense and special teams gave effort all day long. They never stopped playing hard. Unfortunately, effort alone won't win football games at this level. Once again give Georgia Tech credit. They certainly had a couple of interesting trick plays for us that helped them. And the receivers, particularly [Damarius] Bilbo; the play he makes on the jump ball in the end zone is a circus catch made by NFL players. It was a great throw and a great catch. It's hard to fault Jacoby Watkins; they both had possession of the ball when they came down, which means possession goes to the receiver – touchdown.

"I liked a lot of things that our quarterback did – a lot of them. I think this Matt Baker has a chance to be one of the best quarterbacks in the ACC. That's how I feel about him. We could have made a couple of more plays on offense.

"Certainly we could have run the ball better. There were four or five runs that those runners would like to have over. I may have said that last night. They are certainly glaring on tape.

"We made far too many errors on defense. A couple of individuals need to pick up their play. They will see it when they watch, and they will sometimes probably be embarrassed by what they see. They didn't play very disciplined at times and gave Georgia Tech some plays. We don't need to give them anything. In the first half, they convert 7 of 10 third downs. And there was a 2nd and 20, which was so awful to give them a first down. Then in the second half, the reversal, where we convert on defense 7 out of 10 times on third downs conversions, which is good. So we picked it up. We gave our offense a chance a couple of different times to make some plays. We tried to make those plays, but we didn't get it done.

"If we build on that, we could have a very good football team. I really believe that. We were in there in the ballgame to the end and really had a chance to win. We need the team to rally this week in practice as we prepare to play the unbelievable Wisconsin team that got points on the board.

"So I'm encouraged by a lot of things and I'm really disappointed with a loss. But I've got to do a great job of getting over it, putting it to bed and moving on as we get ready for Wisconsin."

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