DTH: 'Players Call on Doherty to Alter Approach'

Thursday's <i>Daily Tar Heel</i> reports in a front page story that players on the North Carolina basketball team have spoken with head coach Matt Doherty about the need for change. "I would be surprised if you found guys who were happy," Doherty said. "Who would be happy with 8-20?"

The newspaper reports that Jawad Williams and Melvin Scott have met with Doherty and his staff several times in the last week.

"I think we got a lot of positive feedback," Williams told the DTH. "I think everybody put everything out on the table about each other. Some of the things I wanted to change were basically the way situations were handled.

"The expectations on myself were so high, and I didn't feel I was getting the chance to do some of the things I did at the end of the year."

Williams also commented on his teammate, Jackie Manuel.

"Jackie's not going anywhere," Williams said. "He's just like me. He had his growing pains, just like any freshman."

However, Williams did make an ultimatum.

"If things don't change, I'll be forced to leave. I will take it upon myself to leave."

"All his friends are leaving," Jawad's mother, Gail Hillman-Williams told the DTH, adding that Jawad had to be convinced to stay in Chapel Hill at one point this past year -- and Williams confirmed that he thought of transferring in December. "The people who encouraged him to come and work together as a group ... they're all gone."

"I've never seen a group of guys so unhappy," she said. "I think they've all thought about leaving at some point."

"I would be surprised if you found guys who were happy," Doherty said. "Who would be happy with 8-20? ... I have to, as a coach, listen and not get defensive ... As (coaches), we need to improve on everything -- communication, Xs and Os, whatever."

LINK: Players Call on Doherty to Alter Approach

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