Tuesday PC Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. Read and listen to what John Bunting, Derrele Mitchell and Doug Justice had to say during North Carolina's weekly press conference from the Kenan Football Center on Tuesday...

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"We've talked an awful lot about the game, so there was not a lot to talk about Georgia Tech last night when we got on the field. Obviously, (this) is one I want to put behind us and go on and learn from. I told them prior to the game, we've got to learn from this game, and hopefully we did because there were so many opportunities to win. That's the next step for this football team. We're good enough to win. So we've got to learn how to win again in situations like that. As I said after the game, when you've got one, two or three situations where you can win, you've got to win them to be successful and have a successful season. If you don't, you won't. There is just countless details – speed of the game and decision making type things – and sometimes it just wasn't being in position.

"We are playing a team not in our conference that we have to be absolutely totally and fully prepared for, and then go out and play the way we can play. We can compete with them, be in the game and possibly win, if we play good football. This team as you know has scored 1,000 points here in the first game and they've run for 1,000 yards. They took it easy on Temple in the second half. When I say easy, they didn't stop playing; they substituted the whole team probably twice. That's not a knock at Temple; don't get me wrong. But they are powerful up front. I can't think of a running back we've played here in my four years and one game as here that's as good as [Brian Calhoun]. He's outstanding. Last year this team going into the last four weeks of the season was ranked fourth in the country. They've beaten Ohio State four out of the last six years. So they're pretty doggone good. I don't want to scare anybody. I don't want to scare our players. But they're good and we're going to have to be on the top of our game. We've got a game under our belt now, we should have learned from what we did wrong and we should play much better. My expectation is for us to be at the top of our game when we play this outstanding football team."


"It feels good that I can help my team out the best that I can. That's just part of my role as a receiver. I just want to work hard in practice and draw all I can from game film."

"We look for a lot of excitement up under the lights and big crowds. That's about it as far as it being a night game. There's really no difference from a night game and a day game, except being up under the lights. Last year our crowd would be with us whether it was a day or a night game. But usually our students would be louder at night. It's just a better type of atmosphere at a night game."


"I don't know if there is anything about playing at nighttime. I guess people come out and it's a little bit cooler for them. But we always have good crowds at nighttime. It's always fun to play under the lights – kind of like a high school game. It's no difference playing day games for us. It's all the same. We love playing against good competition like Wisconsin. I know it's going to be exciting. I don't look at our schedule and say, ‘Hey, it's a night game. We're going to win that one.'

(On the changes made to the stadium) "It's exciting. A lot of these younger guys don't remember these players. They don't know the history of these players, so they get to know the history and see some of their pictures."

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