Thompson Sorts Through Process

Deon Thompson is the only member of's Top 25 who wasn't a pre-summer Top 100 prospect. Now that he's blown up, it's time to listen to pitches from America's finest.

Roy Williams was in the living room of Torrance (Calif.) High center Deon Thompson Tuesday night.

Months ago, the 6-foot-9 post player admitted that he could never fathom the likes of North Carolina, UCLA, Connecticut, Kentucky, Wake Forest, Gonzaga and Arizona State making trips to visit him in his home, but that's the reality when you're a stud.

Thompson, who took his first official visit to Gonzaga last weekend and an unofficial visit to Kentucky two weeks ago, is searching for something that will help him trim his list.

"They all ask me if they're doing a good job," Thompson said. "I'm looking for something to stand out, but I don't know what that thing is yet."

Like all kids confronted with his options, Thompson wants to make sure he's putting himself in a "good situation." So, we asked the big fella' what constitutes a good situation?

"Maybe two or three guys at a spot and rotating in and out," Thompson said.

Clearly, finding a spot where he can get some playing time early is important to him. Kentucky, which handled his unofficial visit as if it were the real deal, has some room for him at the forward slot.

"I liked their team and there's a good opportunity there at the four," Thompson said. "They have all those (seven) footers."

Thompson has a visit set with UK for Midnight Madness but that's not locked in stone.

"The thing is, I've already been out there. I could give that visit to UCLA or someone else. I feel good about (Kentucky)."

Who makes the final cut for Thompson could depend on who verbals before him. Should a team nab a big time inside guy, Thompson would be forced to take a look around.

"I think Kentucky will (make the final cut) but what happens (with other recruits)? That could be the same with UConn and UNC. Who else will they get?"

At this point, the young man doesn't have enough information for a decision. The visits are key with him and carry weight. He'll weigh the trips against the benefits of playing in front of family and friends at home with the Bruins and go from there. Frankly, the young man sounds like he's engrossed in the process, but hasn't been able to put much order on his list.

"I think just having that gut feeling and keep praying (will help)," Thompson said. "Hopefully, God will help me."

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