Wednesday: John Bunting Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Read and listen to what the UNC coach had to say following practice as the Tar Heels prepare for Saturday's match-up with Wisconsin...

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What have you done in practice with the running backs to get them to be a little more patient?
"Coaching…coaching…on the field and in the media room. That got better between yesterday and today, I saw."

How does it help that some of the defense has seen Wisconsin up in Madison, and that physicality there?
"Just sitting talking with Doug Justice…I think he has a very good idea of what it's all about. Tommy Davis… I'm not sure if he played in that game, but I know he watched that game. And, there were a number of others. They have an idea. They are able to communicate with the others what this is going to be like. This will be a big, big battle up front. In order for us to have success, we'll have to have the big guys play their best game."

What is exactly is "Bludgeon Football?"
"It's button your chinstrap and get after somebody's butt. It's mowing them down. It's telling you we're going to run and we're going to run right at you. And after were done, we're coming back again. They want to beat you up, wear you down and let that running back make plays. Hat on a hat; they're very, very good at that. Last year when we played Virginia, they were very, very good at that. When we played BC in the bowl game, they were very, very good at that. This football team is as good as anybody at that."

On learning something from last year's game against Boston College:
"I don't need to learn anything from it. I hope they learned from it. It means you have to be perfect when you fit your plays. You've got to know exactly where you fit. You've got to bring an awful lot of emotion and physicality, or else you're not going to win because they will blow you off the ball."


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