Cap Classic: Scott May Interview

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- <i>Inside Carolina</i> spoke with Scott May, Sean's father, after the Carolina signee's Co-MVP performance at the Capital Classic.

Talk a little about Sean tonight …

One of those nights. He was pretty active out on the perimeter – didn't play inside that much. He was active, hit some early shots, and I think the three pointers got him going. There team seemed to move the ball quite a bit, and so it looked like he was having a lot of fun.

What can you say about Rashad McCants?

I just met Rashad a few minutes ago, seems like a nice kid. They call each other quite a bit, so I think that's really good. They're trying to establish a relationship. He's a player – I know that. It'll be interesting to see how those two kids develop.

How has the May family dealt with the tough season Carolina had?

It's been tough on us, especially with Indiana playing for the national championship. But we're committed and we're going to come and try to help them turn their program around. We understand when you lose players to the NBA, and two footballers who didn't play … when you don't have the talent, it's tough.

How has the family's relationship with Carolina been as of late?

I know that (Sean and Doherty) talk and the kids talk quite a bit. I have a relationship with Coach Smith and Coach Ford, so I'm sure that helped. But it's been really good.

Do you know anything about what Ford's position with the program might be next year?

No, I don't. I haven't talked to Phil in a while so I really don't know. He was on their bench for a long time. He's still involved with the program in some way – he works for the University.

As you've told us in the past, Ford told you he'd look after your son …

Yeah, he did. I expect Phil to be there for Sean. Tell him when he does good and tell him when he does bad. Be a mentor. Even Coach Smith said that he'd watch him. When you have two people like that who have been in college basketball a long time, that can't be bad.

Thoughts on Adam Boone's decision this week to transfer?

Kids leave for different reasons. I really don't know the situation – haven't talked to Coach Doherty about it. When kids leave, some people might say it's a bad sign, but I look at what they have coming in and what they have coming back – look at the big picture – and it looks like with the kids they have and the kids coming in that the future could be bright.

Has Sean at any point since signing thought of changing his decision to go to Carolina?

You know, it's interesting. He has never once said anything about changing his mind. Never once. Even when Indiana was going on their (NCAA Tournament) streak, not one time. He says, ‘I'm going, it's the best place for me and it's where I want to be.'

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