Cap Classic: May Press Conference Transcript

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Capital Classic Co-MVPs Sean May and Amare Stoudemire answered questions from the media in the MCI Center press room late Thursday night. Here's what May had to say ...

On his shooting performance…

A lot of people don't know I can shoot. Coach even said something at halftime – he didn't know I could shoot that well. I was open and caught fire a little bit – hit three threes in a row. I had a good night.

What did you all think of Gilchrist dribbling with his knees?

Man, I played with Gilchrist at Nike Camp last year – I knew he could handle the ball, but I've never seen that in a game. That caught me off guard.

What do you think of the guy next to you (Amare Stoudemire)?

We were talking on the bench at the end of the game. I told him as soon as he gets a jump shot he'll be hard to stop. His power game is incredible. He's the most athletic player I've ever seen. I told him as soon as he's able to get some finesse in his game, be able to step out to about 17 feet, no one is going to be able to guard him. For a big man, 6-10, 240 – he's quick, real quick with a 36-inch vertical. It doesn't get any better than that. If he goes (to the NBA) this year, I think he's ready. He's got the body type and I think he has a lot to learn about the game – all of us do. He's 17 years old.

What do you think about the abundance of ACC players in this game? What do you think it says about the conference?

The ACC is, if not the strongest, one of the strongest conferences in the country. They've got a lot of good freshmen coming in that'll do a lot of great things next year. Hopefully I'll go in and help turn Carolina back around. There were a lot of ACC players in the McDonald's game and in the Roundball Classic and here – it shows that the ACC will continue to be strong.

A double-double and five assists – tell me what you're going to bring to Carolina next year.

As you guys can see, I can shoot the ball a little bit. I really didn't post much tonight and I really like to do a lot. We had Stoudemire down low and Garrison working the blocks and Rashad was posting up a bit, so wherever coach told me to go. I played the game like it's supposed to be played – you take your shots when it comes to you. I distributed the ball, I hit Jeff Horner on that backdoor screen. It shows that I see all aspects of the game. I'm not trying to be a selfish player out there, which in all star games a lot of people do. Our whole mentality coming into this game was to play together, play hard D and let's go out and win … We came out not trying to be selfish, trying to play a team game, team defense. This isn't our MVP trophy – this is our whole team's MVP trophy.

What happened with you and Carmelo Anthony in the fourth quarter?

A lot of people don't know, man, Carmelo likes to be a little cheap and grab your jersey and I think he was just trying to pick up a foul. We got tangled up a bit, I pushed him a bit, he hit the floor and it got heated a little bit. But we were all right after that. Next play down cool, he said ‘you cool?' and I said ‘yeah.' It was over at that. It wasn't anything big.

Did you and Travis Garrison talk at all about playing against each other the next couple of years?

All the ACC players, we've been talking about that the last two weeks we've been together – how much fun it's going to be. We're going to battle on the court – we're not going to be friends for that two hours of playing, but off the court when we get a chance we're going to hang out.

What came into play in making your college decision of UNC over IU?

The opportunity I had (at UNC). I wasn't sure what type of year Jared would have. Had he stayed, I wasn't looking at coming into IU and playing right away. When I went to Carolina, it was the tradition – the history they had. I was real comfortable with the (UNC) coaching staff and on my visit, my dad told me ‘you'll know when you get back where you want to be,' since I already took my visit to IU. Not five minutes into the ride home (from Chapel Hill) I told my dad ‘I'm going to UNC – there's no way I'm choosing any other schools.' It was just the best situation for me. And, although they had a tough year this year, and IU made it to the final game, my whole focus is going in next year and playing hard and just trying to help Coach Doherty and the UNC program get back to where it's been – on top.

(The following two questions were directed to the White team's head coach, Steve Smith, who is also the head coach at Oak Hill Academy)

Were you a little shocked with Sean's shooting?

That he can step out and shoot threes? Yeah, a little bit. I think the three coaches on the white team looked like they knew what they were doing (playing Sean on the perimeter). He played great.

Coach, Sean played the most minutes of anyone on your team. How was that decided?

Well, he was playing well. Michael Thompson was sick … When (May)'s playing so well he's hard to sub.

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