Bunting Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina head coach John Bunting touched on a number of topics during his live call-in show on Thursday evening. Here are some excerpts of what he said ...

"We need the fans out there – we need them out there early. We need to play good defense early. We need to get after the running back early. We need to get off to a good start. Believe me, I'll never forget the Georgia Tech game last year. Everyone remembers NC State and Miami, but I remember Georgia Tech and how the crowd helped turn that game around. So, we need you there."

"[Mark] Paschal right now is the starter on kickoff and kickoff return and did a good job on both last week. He's a young player and we've got a couple other young players I'd like to see get out there and we'll see how that goes. Rikki Cook is somebody we can put back there in that [fullback] position. We did that in training camp. [Nick Starcevic] at some point will assume some of those duties – I hope it's this year, but we'll see. … Both Barrington [Edwards] and Cooter [Arnold] will be running for us and we've got to do a good job up front. And those guys need to have a more productive game for us to be effective on offense."

"We need to make decisions between now and the third game as to who else [freshmen] might play. We'll probably play one or two more in this week's game and we'll go from there."

"We did play seven or eight defensive lineman last week and we'll do so this week also. Kentwan Balmer figures into our plans, Shelton Bynum played some of his best football last week, of course Kyndraus Guy, Chase Page and Brian Rackley. We need to get more pass rush out of Tommy Davis and Hilee Taylor on those downs, but if we're to play with these guys, it'll be a test of wills to see who can run the football the best. We need to do a good job there. We won't be able to stop them every time, but we need to have the safeties be able to take care of any breakouts, can't miss tackles like we did on the 42-yarder that P.J. Daniels has. And we need to be assignment sound."

"[Wisconsin has] outstanding running backs and it doesn't stop there – wait until you see the fullback, his name is Matt Bernstein. They've got three tailbacks who can play. This young man [Brian] Calhoun can move, he's a smaller back that can find that crease on the perimeter runs and take it for long yards and he can also got good ball skills and can catch it coming out of the backfield."

"It all starts up front. When I took the program over, that was the No. 1 thing I wanted to get changed – to get the offensive line where it belongs. We're really close to getting that done, but unfortunately we've had a few injuries that have hurt some players' chances to play – the Scott Lenahans and Bryan Bishops. But we're hopeful this offensive line can do some things on Saturday night to help us be effective with our offense. "

"Of course we had an interception right off the bat that was reviewed and overturned and I'm fine with that. … There was a fumble later on in the game that I'd hoped would be reviewed, and I've talked with Tommy Hunt would is a great guy and the supervisor of officials and he told me ‘Coach, we're reviewing every play.' So, what you have to understand is they are trying their very best to review every single play before the ball is snapped again. There are no challenges by coaches. I may have challenged that if I had one, and I was one of the proponents of not having it. I don't want the coaches to have challenges this year – I think it's something for down the road. But it's great to have [instant replay] and it'll make college football better."

"We need to get up on the ball faster. We need to make audibles. We didn't do a good enough job of that We're going to lay most of that at Matt [Baker's]'s feet, but we also as a staff and as a team need to get up to that line of scrimmage. Our offensive line needs to break the huddle and get up there – that's been an emphasis this week. We need to deploy [faster] and get ready to go and set up."

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