UNC-UW: Barry Alvarez Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Read what the veteran Wisconsin coach had to say following the Badgers' 14-5 win over the Tar Heels on Saturday...

Opening Statement:
"We did some good things in the kicking game. Kenny really kicked well. Our coverage was good. A couple punts they did a nice job on, but they're very dangerous on that. I think it's obvious we made a lot of mistakes. We hurt ourselves. We took points we off the board. There was a foolish penalty with the hold ¬ down the field. It took a first down away. We had a first down, a third down conversion taken away after the ball. Two clips in the second half. Field position game instead of having the ball near mid-field we are back around the 25. A lot of mistakes. A lot of penalties. Things we are going to have to correct but we over came them and it's a very good win."

On if this is a sweet win for him:
"This has been a very emotional week. I am just emotionally drained. I'm zapped. I'm totally zapped. I'm real pleased to come out of here with a win. This is a gift for me."

On if the rain delay affected the player:
"I don't think it affected them [players] I did not try to use it as motivation. I was there all but one practice. I didn't even tell the team. I think the guys read it in the paper. I think the kids were ready to play and the young guys stepped up. Thank goodness it didn't rain. Important thing is we don't lose focus. We had a nice night."

On the spot of the fourth and one play:
"I saw it on the replay, I thought it was a poor spot. You guys probably had a better view and could have seen it a couple of times on TV. I watched the replay board. I thought where the ball was was just short of the line. They spotted the ball a full yard behind the line."

On his thought process when they went for fourth and one:
"We called time out and in a game like this we're down here and this is what we are all about. We're supposed to be a physical team. Let's go for it. WE might be able to put them away right here. I thought it was a good gamble.

"We scored on fourth and one on the first touchdown. I thought let's put the onus on the offensive line and our running game and see if we can get a yard and really take the momentum in the game."

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