Ellington Joins Big Weekend

With several key targets in Chapel Hill for an official visit, Wayne Ellington felt he needed to do what he could to help out his future school. So, the 6-4 guard from Philly made a weekend trip to North Carolina to spend some time with a few other Tar Heel commitments -- Tywon Lawson and William Graves -- and some more guys he hopes to play with.

According to Ellington, helping to recruit guys like Thaddeus Young, Alex Stepheson and Spencer Hawes is important on several levels and is something he enjoys.

"I don't feel like it is my job, it is just something that I want to do because I want to help out the team and I know getting some of these guys can help me out, too," Ellington said. "I just tell them the truth, I tell them about North Carolina basketball."

Of course, Ellington also got to watch last year's national champions get their championship rings. That along with everything else helped to make for a weekend that was better than he expected.

"It was good, it was really good actually and all of it was better than I expected," said Ellington of the festivities. "We also got to hang out, we played some pickup games, of course we went to the football game and we especially had a good time with the other recruits.

"We played on Friday and then again on Saturday so we played a lot of pickup games. I thought everybody looked really good and I was really impressed with how well everybody played."

Because of summer basketball, Ellington had already established relationships with both Young and Stepheson and he hoped to use it to the Heels' advantage. While he was reluctant to be overly specific, he did admit that he thought things went well.

"I can't say that anybody told me for sure they are coming, but I do feel pretty good about some of them," said Ellington. "I met Thaddeus earlier in the summer and I've been staying in touch with him. Tywon knows Spencer so he's been on him kind of hard. Then I also know Alex from the summer and he's a good guy, too."

With the big recruiting weekend over it's back to business as usual for Ellington who has been spending a lot of time in the weight room. He hasn't necessarily added a ton of weight, but he is noticing a huge strength difference and figures it will help him down the road regardless of who he ends up playing with.

"I've been in the weight room working out pretty much every day," said Ellington. "I feel a whole lot stronger and it's really helping me out and I already see the benefit in being stronger. It has really helped with my confidence and I think I'll be ready to go."

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