Carter's Injury Leads to Loss

HAVELOCK, N.C.--- When Hurricane Ophelia pushed back the match-up between Havelock (N.C.) and Jacksonville (N.C.) White Oak to Monday night, UNC commitment Bruce Carter thought the extra time would benefit the healing process of his nagging knee injury. Instead, Carter reaggravated the injury in the second quarter, ultimately resulting in a 27-6 loss.

Carter, a 6-foot-3, 205-pounder, reinjured a knee cartilage problem that was thought to be fully healed and will keep him sidelined throughout the week -- but he shouldn't miss Havelock's conference opener against New Bern Friday.

"My trainer said I'm not going to practice this whole week," said Carter. "I'm just going to ice it, but I should be ready by Friday."

Havelock employs a run-dominated Urban Meyer-style offense featuring Carter at quarterback. Before the injury, Carter was having an off night rushing six times for 12 yards and even fumbled a pitch. He also failed to connect on either of his two pass attempts.

With Carter out, the offense struggled as a seven-point deficit quickly turned into 21 points. Brandon Devero filled in for Carter, but sustained a knee injury himself in the third quarter.

"I think it was a close game," said Carter. "It was just injuries really killed us."

After Devero went down, the Havelock coaching staff was forced to throw a limping Carter back onto the field where he handed off the ball every play until the offense moved into their opponents' 25-yard line. At that point, Carter completed his one and only pass of the night – a 23-yarder – and on the following play pushed a one-yard quarterback-sneak into the end zone for Havelock's lone points.

"I had to play for the team – that's all that was," said Carter. "I think our boys came out more confident [during the scoring drive]."

In addition to preventing him from helping his team, the injury halted a match-up between North Carolina commits – Carter versus Deunta Williams.

"I really wanted to battle with him," said Carter. "I wanted to play the whole game, but thanks to my knee injury I really couldn't do anything. That was really disappointing."

Carter, who committed to the Tar Heels back in May, is being recruited as a safety with the potential to play some wide receiver. Firm in his pledge, Carter plans to only attend North Carolina home games this fall.

"I'm still going strong with UNC," said Carter. "I just recently went to the Wisconsin game; that was nice. I really can't wait to play for a college team – being on the next level."

After opening the season with a victory, Havelock has fallen to a 1-3 record. On the season, Carter has rushed for over 500 yards and recorded six rushing touchdowns.

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