Bunting Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina head coach John Bunting touched on a number of topics during his live call-in show on Thursday evening. Here are some excerpts of what he said ...

"I would say (offensive rhythm) is a major problem right now.

"This has always been a special game and it always will be; whenever you get a chance to play (NC State), whether it's at home in Chapel Hill in Kenan Memorial Stadium or over there at Carter-Finley. It's something the fans look forward to. Many of them grew up here liking one school or the other, and sometimes they got to go to the school they wanted or they had to go to State [joking]. You know what I'm talking about.

"Let's get back to this offense. Matt Baker said, ‘I'm not going to point any fingers.' I love that kid. That kid has played well enough to win with. I think everybody recognizes that. We have not been able to run the football effectively. We've had too many negative first downs. We've had too many penalties that have really put us back. It's time for us to put those behind us and focus more on these details that I always talk about, and play error-free football to give us a chance to be in 3rd and 5's and 3rd and 4's and move the chains and move the ball. The other part is we've been in the red zone two weeks in a row now and come up with no points three times. That's something we talked about as a staff early in the week and we've worked hard on.

"[Doug Justice] is a special guy to me and our football program for all of these four years and two games. He's an All-American student, he's an All-American person and he's fought hard to be a good football player. He's sometimes been a starter. He got thrown out there as a redshirt freshman, but some how he has survived. He'll be a great leader someday in the community. He could be a great father. He'll probably be a great football coach if he ever tries to do that. He's out and he's done. We've got to play in a bowl game to get him back. I promised him we would do everything we could to make that happen for him to play one more game.

"We've got Victor Worsley, who has been the understudy for a couple of years here. He had a great spring. Coach [Tommy] Thigpen has done a good job of getting him ready. We've moved Durell Mapp from that WILL linebacker position to behind him. So we will get Durell out there on the field. Durell has played some ‘nickel' for us, and he got on the field and played some linebacker last week. Those two players will be contending to vie for that position for the rest of the season.

"[Ben Lemming] is back. He practiced yesterday and today. He's anxious to play. He's got a big smile on his face. So he will play this week against the Pack."

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