FBall Recruiting: Jon Hamlett Interview


Jon Hamlett Vitals

Height: 6-5

Weight: 260

40-time: 4.8

BP: 280

Squat: 385

Recept: 22

TDs: 1


Others Recruiting: UVa, VaT, TN, ECU, FL, Col, MD




Inside Carolina: Thank you for talking with us Jon. When did Carolina offer you a scholarship?

Jon Hamlett: They offered me when I was down for Junior day.


IC: Have you always been a Carolina fan?

Hamlett: Yes. I used to go down to Chapel Hill for basketball camps. My grandfather played for Carolina back in the Choo Choo Justice days (Jack Woddel OT).


IC: Have you visited Carolina recently?

Hamlett: I went down for the NIKE camp. I talked with Mike Mason some and I was down for the Spring Game. I also was down for the FSU you game last year.


IC: Did you help tear down the goalposts?

Hamlett: Yes, I was down on the field with the crowd.


IC: Did you attend camp anywhere last year?

Hamlett: I went to the Virginia camp last year.


IC: Are you planning to camp at Carolina this year?

Hamlett: Yes. I plan to go to Carolina's camp this summer.


IC: Do you know any of the current players on the UNC football team?

Hamlett: I have met Brian Chacos, Zach Hilton and Bobby Blizzard. My family visited some with the Chacos family at the Spring Game. Brian told me how great it was in Chapel Hill and even invited me down to stay with him some time. He told me that even though you might dominate in HS, it was different in college.


IC: What do you like about Carolina?

Hamlett: Everything. The people are all nice. I like how it is located in a college town that surrounds the campus. The campus itself is awesome. The stadium is overwhelming. I've been to the stadium at TN and I thought the Carolina stadium was as good. I know it is smaller but I felt more comfortable at Carolina's stadium. The weight room is as good as anywhere. I think the football staff has brought the program to the top level and compares favorably with any in the country.


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