Mason: 'Whatever The Team Needs'

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina all-purpose talent Mike Mason answers questions from the media on Tuesday from the Kenan Football Center…

AUDIO: Mike Mason (4:07)

Is Brandon Tate a quiet guy?
"I've been talking to him since he was in high school. He's a quiet guy. He's quiet around everybody else. I've never heard him quiet."

Are you guys just waiting for him to break one?
"Yeah, you never know when he's going to do it. And if our defense keeps stopping offenses and makes them punt the ball, he'll get more chances back there and he'll break one."

You are very fast. How fast is he?
"I don't think he's got my kind of speed. He's fast. I think he's about a ‘4.4-guy,' but he's going to get faster in the spring. When he gets with Coach [Jeff] Connors' program, he'll get faster then."

Who is the leader of the wide receivers' group?
"We don't have a definite leader, but we all stick together and we pick each other up."

On the battle for playing time?
"I was telling Derrele [Mitchell], Jarwarski [Pollock] and Wallace [Wright], ‘When they leave next year, I can't wait.' [laughing] ... It's not jealousy or anything. It's more of a ‘unit' thing and not an individual thing. When we make goals, we don't make individual goals, we make unit goals."

On Pollock nearing UNC all-time record for most career receptions:
"We want him to get it. It will be an accomplishment for all of us.

Do you think he's conscious of how many more he needs?
"Yeah, I think he knows. Somebody asked him yesterday if he knew how many he needed. I don't know how much it was, but he knew."

I think it's eight…
"Yeah, he did say eight."

On his talking with N.C. State's Tramain Hall during last Saturday's game:
"We knew they were that way before the game started. Coach said there was going to be a lot of talking. He said don't retaliate to it and let's do our talking on the field. And that's what we did."

Are you pleased with the way you've played so far this year?
"Yeah, I'm pleased. I think I'm contributing a lot on special teams and at receiver. I'm just doing whatever I need to do for the team. Whatever they need me to do, I'll do. And if I'm getting it done, then I'm pleased."

How is it determined when you will return kickoffs?
"Because of my shoulder, they took me off all special teams. Against Wisconsin, I separated my shoulder a little bit. I'm on all special teams, and they took me off all special teams. They are just going to use me more on offense, so I don't get nicked up back there."

Do you think you'll be back there this week?
"I'm practicing in a green jersey this week. That means limited action."

Do you like playing on all four special teams?
"I get tired, but I'll do it for the team. Whatever they need me to do I'll go out and do it. Coach says he's trying to put the best players on the field. So I'll go out and do it."

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