Bunting Post-Practice Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Read and listen to some of what the North Carolina coach had to say following practice...

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When you recruited Brandon Tate, were you looking at him as a returner at all?
"I've seen some players in high school on tape, and the guy that stood out the most to me returning puts was Brandon. I asked Coach [Marvin] Sanders, ‘Who is this guy.' So he told me, we followed him and we were able to get him to commit to us. Then he took care of the rest of his business and signs. We knew from the very beginning that he could be a threat to return and cover punts."

On Utah's defense:
"They play physical. They play tough. They're sound. They have some scheme with what they'll use. They have a number of different ‘dogs.' They brought the corner off of the edge last year and hit the quarterback. They're physical. They'll do a lot of different things. We've got to be ready for about anything there is."

Was it Quinton [Person]'s decision to switch his jersey number from #9 to #3?
"It was his decision to try and help the team… to try and help the coaches on the sideline. We're trying to get Jesse [Holley] into more special teams situations. Quinton barely leaves the field, whether it's defense or special teams. He's always out there because he always makes big plays. With him being the team player that he is, he made that decision. I was a little surprised by it. It makes it a lot easier on us since we don't have to try and put another jersey on a guy at the end of the game."

On Cedrick Holt:
"Quiet, he is. He's such a smart player. As a corner, you don't expect that guy to enter a whole lot into directing the defense. But he's another guy out there that has helped Tommy Richardson organize the defense – particularly when we're playing nickel – because he is a nickel linebacker so to speak. What he's done is played very physical – more than he ever has before. Against Wisconsin there was evidence of that. He made a lot of tackles and played out there in the slot. He's able to get off the blocks of a lot of receivers and he's going to have to do it this week as well. In order for us to win, we have to tackle very well and that includes every one of the players on defense. Each one of them are going to have to make tackles in space, and Cedrick Holt will be one of them."

Where does Jesse play on special teams?
"Right now, he's the backup on the kickoff, punt and punt return. He's a backup on all positions. We're looking to see if he can help us. Jesse should learn how to play all those positions if he wants to have a chance to play at the next level."

What is the health of the team right now?
"It's good, except for [Ben] Lemming. Everything is fine."

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