UNC Football Sunday Notebook

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--After reviewing the game film of the Tar Heels' 31-17 victory over Utah, John Bunting shared some thoughts with the media Sunday afternoon:

  • He characterized the Utah game as Larry Edwards' "best ball game" and praised Quinton Person for his tackling and minimizing yards after the catch in the loose man-to-man coverage that allowed the safeties to play up and provide run support.

  • He expressed disappointment in the running game, explaining that the problems stem from running backs failing to make the proper reads at times and the offensive linemen failing to complete their blocks on others.

  • Bunting plans to spend time with Connor Barth this week reviewing film to further diagnose any problems kicking field goals. Former UNC kicker and current Pittsburgh Steeler kicker Jeff Reed also shared some tips on ways to improve.

  • Receivers are making plays through increased focus and catching with their hands, rather than their bodies.

  • There were some personnel changes on kick coverage against the Cardinals. Trimane Goddard was moved to point-of-attack side from the backside and Wallace Right has been moved back to the edge on the "away" side of the kick.

  • Red zone inefficiency by the offense is a big concern and it is due in part to the inability to run effectively.

  • Resiliency by the team is due in part to the leadership of the seniors and in part due to all the hard work that the team put in during the off-season, in the spring and summer.

  • Injury Report:
    Jacoby Watkins - sickness.
    Tom O'Learey - hip flexor (DNP).
    Mike Mason - sprained shoulder.
    NOTE: All three will be evaluated again on Tuesday.

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