Thompson Talks About His Visit

With's Greg Hicks already scooping on the Inside Carolina premium board that Deon Thompson has decided to become a Tar Heel, the 6-8, 250-pound post player wouldn't confirm the commitment in an interview late Tuesday night with Inside Carolina -- but did make some telling comments.

After visiting North Carolina over the weekend, standout forward Deon Thompson has completed three of his five planned official visits. Having previously visited both UConn and Gonzaga in an official capacity, the Torrance (Calif.) High bigman ranked the No. 3 center in the class by had plenty to compare his Carolina visit to and it sounds like things went quite well.

"I think that the visit went really well and I liked it a lot," Thompson told Inside Carolina.

According to Thompson -- who was hosted by freshman Marcus Ginyard -- his visit was much like others that he's taken. He enjoyed spending time with potential teammates and coaches and enjoyed the atmosphere of the football game. He also appreciated the low pressure approach that players and coaches took towards him when it came to trying to get him to commit.

"They told me that they wanted me, but they didn't want to put any pressure on me," said Thompson. "I appreciated that they did it like that."

One area of the visit where there was a little bit of pressure was in pickup games played over the weekend. Thompson wanted to prove that he belonged on the court but was disappointed in not getting to match up with one player in particular.

"I played pretty good, I just wish that [Tyler] Hansbrough would have been there," said Thompson. "I wanted to play against him to see if he is really as good as everybody says he is."

When he wasn't playing pickup or hanging out with team members, Thompson was making sure that he asked questions and got the answers he needed. He's had a plan that he's stuck to and so far nobody has been able to get him to deviate from it during a visit.

"On all of my visits I make sure that I do everything that I think I need to do," said Thompson. "I ask questions, I see what I need to see and I make sure that I do all of it. I've done the same things on all three visits so far."

One difference that Thompson did notice was how he well he was known around Chapel Hill.

"A lot of the fans were coming up to me and were like ‘You need to come here,'" said Thompson. "I even signed some autographs for little kids. I thought it was cool, that's never happened to me before."

Now that he's gotten three visits out of the way, the question remains as to whether or not Thompson will need to take any more visits. He's still scheduled to head to UCLA and Kentucky, but he did say that those plans could change.

"That's what is planned for right now, but things could change," said Thompson when asked what could change his plans. "What could change that? I could commit somewhere."

So the question remains, what exactly will it take for Thompson to commit to North Carolina or any other program. From the sounds of it, it is something he is getting much closer to figuring out.

"I know, but then again I don't know," said Thompson about what it would take for him to commit. "I think that I'm getting closer. I think that maybe in the next few days I'll be more certain about what I want to do."

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