Class of 2003 - Jamie Donovan, Washington, DC

Jamie Donovan, from Washington (DC) Sidwell Friends is a multi-dimensional player who excels as a running back, linebacker and kicker. Gridiron Greats listed Jamie as one of the top juniors in America.


Jamie Donovan is a 6-foot-1, 210 pound, running back/line backer/kicker with 4.7/forty speed from Sidwell Friends High School in Washington DC.

According to Coach John Simon, "Jamie is the best D-1 prospect from Sidwell Friends since Jerome Nichols, who is now a redshirt freshman at Wake Forest.  Jamie attended the Penn State Nike Camp as a sophomore, and this year he attended the U.S. Army All-American combine in San Antonio, Texas."  Gridiron Greats listed Jamie as one of the top juniors in America.








 Height:   6-foot-1

 Weight:  210lbs

 Forty:    4.7 seconds

 Bench:   325lbs

 @ 185:   25

Coach:    John Simon


In addition to football, Jamie also plays lacrosse and basketball at Sidwell Friends. 

Last season, Jamie was Sidwell's leading rusher with 78 carries for 594 yards and 6 touchdowns, averaging 7.3 yards per carry.  As a receiver, he had 12 catches for 280 yards and 3 touchdowns, averaging 23.3 yards per catch. 

As a linebacker, he had 17 unassisted tackles, 43 assisted tackles, and one interception. 

As a kicker, Jamie had 14 kickoffs for 723 yards, averaging 51.6 yards a kick. 

This summer he plans on attending the Michigan, William and Mary, Dartmouth, Colorado, Virginia, Penn State, and possibly the Notre Dame football camps. 

His current college interests are Colorado, Dartmouth, Delaware, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Penn State, Stanford, Villanova, Virginia, and William and Mary.

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