UNC-UL: Locker Room Report

LOUISVILLE - Tar Heel players Kyndraus Guy, Matt Baker, and Tommy Richardson shared their thoughts after UNC lost 69-14 to Louisville in Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.

Kyndraus Guy

How do you explain a game like this - was it something they did, did it snowball, did you lose confidence early?

We beat ourselves. Execution - we did not execute the way we [have] offensively, defensively, and on special teams. The best thing about this game is that we can move on, come back Monday prepared because we know Virginia is going to see this game. Our goal is to not make as many mistakes as we did today.

Was all of their success due to your lack of execution, or was it something they were doing better than what you did?

It's not that it was better or worse. They capitalized on opportunities. Personally, I think that defensively we could have done a better job, but you can see the score and make your own decision. We did not execute the way we were supposed to, like we did in the previous four games. That was the biggest way we shot ourselves in the foot.

It seems like getting a pass rush was important in this game. Did Brohm just have too much time to throw?

If you look at the film, he didn't really have that much time. He stepped up in the pocket a lot. He got too comfortable, but we tried to rattle him a little bit. We got that center and those tackles to start leaning on his heels and you could see that [Brohm] just made some incredible throws.

What did Coach Bunting have to say to the team afterwards?

(Pause) You can put something in your own words. What would you do if you lost 69-14? You can kind of picture that.

I can imagine that he was upset.

There is - that's - yeah, you could say he was upset.

He has dealt with this team in different ways after bad losses. He has pealed the paint off the locker room walls, like at Virginia last year; Utah was not so much that way. Was it -

No, it wasn't. It was a different game. Virginia was Virginia last year. It was an undisciplined team, a young team and we didn't know what we were doing. Today there was no excuse for the score on the board. That's what he was saying - that there was no excuse.

Does looking at the scoreboard coming off the field have a psychological effect on this team?

It pisses the defense off that we gave up 69 points, knowing that are this caliber of team. For some reason, execution was our biggest downfall.

Matt Baker

How is your ankle?

Its all right. It's a high ankle sprain that has been around for - I did it back at Georgia Tech. When it gets folded up on it hurts. It's not something that's too serious. You just put a brace on it, wrap it up - stuff happens.

You obviously wanted to go back in, but when the team is down that much on the scoreboard was it ever on your mind that you might not go back in?

No, I knew they were going to put me back in. I was hoping they were going to put me back in. Then we went down and scored. It was just tough - we went back and they had a couple first downs on the next series and then forced the fumble from behind for a touchdown, which was tough. But I wanted to be out there and try to put some points on the board.

Elvis Dumervil is amazing, isn't he?

Yeah, he's quick. You look at him on the field and he's short. He's strong but short. He looks like Dwight Freeney from the [Indianapolis] Colts, and that's about how he plays. The guy is quick as can be.

Once they got the lead, how much easier is it for their defense to tee off and go after the quarterback?

That's how it goes when you get a big lead like that. You can drop back into pass coverages. They played a lot of cover-two. When you play [against] a deep cover-two it's difficult to throw anything downfield when you are coming from behind, and that is what they were able to do today putting points on the board.

Is now a good time or a bad time for an off-week?

It's a good time. We have some injuries, [so] we can take the week to heal up and bring our spirits back up. I don't think the latter will be a problem. You saw what happened last year when we came back off of a bye week and beat Miami after getting beat pretty bad at Utah. So I think it comes at a great time.

After you all scored on the first drive, what did their defense do to give you more trouble?

They didn't do anything different. They went into pass coverage more - more cover-two - and they didn't blitz as much because at that point they had a pretty good lead. Besides just being able to drop back and not worry about blitzing too much and worry about pass coverage, they didn't do anything different.

What happened on Dumervil's interception - was that supposed to be a screen?

Yeah, it was a screen and Dumervil made a great play. [Brian] Chacos had him down a little bit and he was outside of Chacos. There was a window in between him and another defender. The window was there and right as I threw it he pushed Chacos back the other way and got back inside of Chacos and got right in. It's not Chacos's fault - he doesn't know where the ball is. It was just a great play. I probably should have continued outside and thrown it over his head or thrown it at the ground.

Tommy Richardson

It seemed like everything they did worked today.

[Brohm] was checking a lot of plays. He's an outstanding quarterback, so I guess they gave him the [freedom] to do that. He did a great job. He was out there looking like an all-conference quarterback.

Jesse Holley used the term "embarrassing" for this; how would you describe it?

It was a tough loss. Any loss is tough. As a defense, we know we have to get back to playing football the way we know how. Like I told you guys all week, we still haven't played anywhere as good as we are capable of playing. I just want to say 'Sorry' to the fans for us losing the way we did. I want them to stick with us throughout the season.

Is there any danger of this team losing confidence?

Oh no, never! Our coaches do an outstanding job as well as myself and the rest of the seniors. We always do a good job of picking everybody up. Like I have said, this team is built for adversity and we do a great job.

Does a game like this call for - outside of the coaches' presence - the seniors to come around and pick up the team?

Of course. I'm almost positive - especially with the week off - that we will have some situation where the senior address the team by themselves.

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