UNC-UL: Bobby Petrino Quotes + Audio

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- The Cardinals' head coach and players addressed the media following the game...


"That was a good game for us. I was certainly nervous going into it. After watching film on them, you could see they were a good football team and they could've been 4-0. I'm really proud of our assistant coaches for getting our players ready and I'm proud of our players with the way they prepared this week both mentally and physically. The only negative was that we got a few guys banged up. I like the way we came out and we seemed to click on all cylinders. We had a lot of guys making plays and we had some quick strikes which is good to see. I do like the way our players have responded over the last couple of weeks and they've worked hard."

"I think they (North Carolina) came in trying to keep it away from us by running the football. They did a nice job of moving guys around and running the ball, but our defense adjusted and made some plays."

"Coming into the game, I felt like if we could score on the first drive, they (UNC) may remember last year. They came back after our score and did a nice job, but that early score was what we wanted. We talked a lot about that this week and it was good to see that kind of execution."

"This is just one game, but I am happy with our execution and the way our guys competed. Our defense certainly improved and we did a better job of covering kicks. We were a little more aggressive today and I think we hit a little harder than they did."

"Elvis (Dumervil) is just amazing. He's doing a great job of coming off the ball and has perfected a lot of nice moves. I can't say enough about him and the way he's playing."

"Brian (Brohm) played real well today. He did a nice job managing the team on the field. He was seeing things real well. Sometimes, I think, it just comes down to vision and you start to see more things the more experienced you get. He made a lot of big plays and he certainly was real accurate with his passes."

"West Virginia is a good football team. They're very physical and they play great defense. They have a unique style of offense and defense and we'll have a lot of preparation to do."

Louisville senior WR Montrell Jones

"When this team executes in all phases of the game like we did today, we're a good football team. Anytime you can execute offensively and defensively and put up the numbers we did tonight, that's a good situation. We didn't expect to score like that, but the sky is the limit for this team. Now, we've got to execute in practice all week and get ready for a tough West Virginia team."

"West Virginia is a big game on our schedule in a hostile environment. They're a physical team. They always run hard defensively, play hard and it should be a good

game." (On the Cards strong start offensively) "That's something we've lacked in the last couple of games. We wanted to execute early and set the tone. We had a chance to do that today and it worked well for us."

Louisville senior DE Elvis Dumervil

"We just had to get more detailed at every position. We had to accept and learn from the South Florida game and that's what we've done as a team. Today was an overall great team effort. Teams can scheme to stop things, but with a team like ours, we can still make plays. Our cornerbacks did a hell of a job this week and that allowed me to get a rush. I credit those guys."

(On his first career interception) "It was a great feeling. That's the first interception in my career and it's a good feeling."

(On West Virginia) "As a football player, games like that are what it's all about. West Virginia is a great team and it should be a hostile environment. We've got to have a good week of practice to get ready and go down there and play a great game."

Louisville sophomore QB Brian Brohm

"We felt confident coming into the game. Coach said that this was going to be our night because we had such a great week of preparation. It (the victory) feels really good. I think we hit on all cylinders. We got going early like we wanted to get going, scoring on that first drive and it felt good."

"I think that's where we need to get to, playing sixty full minutes of football. I think we did that tonight."

(On the high score) "We don't really expect any kind of score. We try to play one play at a time like Coach said last week, and that's what we did tonight."

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