FBall Recruiting: Eric Young Interview

<i>Inside Carolina</i> interviews Eric Young, a top offensive lineman from South Carolina.

Eric Young Vitals
Age: 18
Height: 6-4
Weight: 265
40-time: 4.71
BP: 295
Position: OL

Offers: UNC, SCAR, Clem. UVA

Others recruiting: TN and MD

Inside Carolina: Eric, do you have a favorite team among the teams that have offered you so far?

Eric Young: No I am pretty open at this point.


IC: I understand that you went to the spring game at UNC with Mickey Rice?

Young: Yes I went. I had a good time.


IC: What did you like about the visit?

Young: I really liked the atmosphere. There were a lot of people there for a scrimmage so that tells me the fan base is there.


IC: Did you get a chance to look around and tour the campus and facilities?

Young: No, Mickey had to get back so we did not get much of a chance to look around.


IC: When did you get your UNC offer?

Young: As a matter of fact in came in the mail today.


IC: How long has North Carolina been recruiting you?

Young: I'd say sometime in the middle of last year.


IC: What did Mickey tell you about North Carolina?

Young: Just what a great place it was. He talked a lot about the graduation rates and how you could get a good education.


IC: Would you say that UNC will get one of your official visits?

Young: Oh definitely. They are one of my favorites and they will get one of my

official visits.


IC: Do you plan to attend any camps this summer?

Young: I plan to go to UNC, SCAR, Clem, and maybe UVA or TN.


IC: Which team is recruiting you the hardest?

Young: I'd say the four schools that have offered me are recruiting me equally hard.


IC: Do you prefer to stay in-state or go out of state?

Young: I don't really care but I plan to go no further than 6 hours away from home.

UNC is within that area.


IC: Who is your primary recruiter from UNC?

Young: Coach Powell is my primary recruiter.


IC: Did you have a favorite team growing up?

Young: I liked Clemson growing up but I am not so sure anymore.


IC: Did your Coach give you any advice about recruiting?

Young: Just that I needed to be sure. This is a decision that you only get one shot at so make it a good decision.


IC: Does he prefer a particular school?

Young: No, although he would like me to visit the two in-state schools but he doesn't expect me to go to either of them.


IC: How about your family? Do they have a preference?

Young: No. They would support me wherever I go. Just stay relatively close to home.


IC: Do you have a particular play that you especially like?

Young: I play offensive tackle but I love to pull on running plays.


IC: Do you have a major in mind yet?

Young: I am not sure yet. Maybe something to do with computers or business management.


IC: Eric, when do you think that you might decide?

Young: Probably mid-season sometime.


IC: Thanks for talking with us Eric.




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