Media Day: Players Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Read and listen to what North Carolina upperclassmen Reyshawn Terry, Quentin Thomas, Wes Miller, David Noel and Byron Sanders had to say during Media Day on Thursday at the Smith Center…

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REYSHAWN TERRY – Audio (6:35)

Besides the championship, what has been one of your best highlights from your career at Carolina?

"I would have to say the Maryland game my sophomore year. Just having the chance to play a significant amount of minutes and scoring 11 points. I was just glad to help my team win the game."

On what it will take to be an all-conference caliber player this year:

"Being consistent every night. Coming out there with that junkyard dog attitude. Just not letting anybody stop me and trying to help my team win."

On the point when he started feeling more comfortable and playing more confident last year:

"Coach [Williams] put me on the white team in practice last year towards the end of the season. That was basically my motivation as far as seeing that I was going to play more - just knowing that I'm going to have my chance to play. That was always my motivation."

QUENTIN THOMAS – Audio (5:43)

On discussing last season with Coach Williams:

"He asked me how I felt about the season, and I told him how I felt. The main thing with me last year was a confidence issue. I need to be the coach on the floor and feed off of Coach Williams and the rest of my teammates."

On how his relationship with Coach Williams will change:

"I think this year it will be a lot closer, almost like the relationship [Coach] had with Raymond. I think the point guard always has to have a good relationship with the coach because he's the coach on the floor."

On his growing confidence:

"I think I've come a long way, honestly, just in the off season. It will definitely help in the course of the season when games get started, but we have such great players that my confidence feeds off of not only my accolades but also my teammates."

On the leaders for this year's team:

"David Noel's such a great player, athletic. Reyshawn Terry. Those are our leaders. Those are the guys who this team will feed off the most."

WES MILLER – Audio (3:14)

"It was real valuable, especially since the freshmen and a bunch of us who haven't had that much experience on the floor over the past couple years could just to get out there and play. Having those four or five practices leading up to it was just real important for our team and team chemistry. When we start practice two days from now, we'll be that much more ahead than we would have without the trip."

On what Coach told him about his play in the Bahamas:

"I think he was happy to see me knock down open shots. One time I pump-faked the ball and drove down, tried to finish and they called a travel on me. Coach told me, "Wes, if you have the open shot I want you to shoot the ball. That's what we need you to do for us is knock down open shots for us." And from then on I felt comfortable down there taking open shots and I was able to hit a couple and I think it was a good role for me and somewhere to start from this year."

DAVID NOEL – Audio (3:29)

On upperclassmen talking to the freshman about their experiences:

"We do somewhat, but we don't try to fill their heads with too much of that stuff because they're going to have their own memories here. We definitely let them know it's a great place to be, and they take it from there."

On how he feels being the leading returning scorer:

"I feel good. I don't know though. It's a shock, and also it's a privilege. At the same time we know what we lost and we know what we have to do with this year coming up. It's definitely a situation where I know -- being the leading scorer, the leading returning rebounder and all that type stuff -- I have to quadruple that this year to be effective in this conference and to help this team get the wins that we need to get."

Is quadruple seriously a goal for you this year?

"Yeah, probably more than that."

On everyone watching how the team will respond after winning the national championship and losing so many players:

"I'm just going to be me. That's all I know how to be. Hopefully my personality will come out a lot more this year. My leadership skills will be able to be shown a lot more this year. Some of the younger guys will watch how I play, how I run sprints and things like that. Hopefully they can pick up from that. A wise guy always told me that actions speak louder than words. That's what I'm trying to go by now."

On the Bahamas trip:

"It was good. It was fun for us. It got the freshman a chance to see how Coach Williams coaches a little bit. It got them to go through a couple of our practices, day before game practices. The chemistry was kind of off the first game, but the second game we turned it around. We had almost 40 turnovers the first game, but the next game we dropped it down to about 17. That shows how quickly guys were coming together."


What do you expect from this team?

"I expect a faster-paced team ... just being quicker, not as big, though - younger and inexperienced ... but it's going to be okay."

What do you think you can contribute to this team?

"I can contribute a lot to this team by rebounding, defending, just being a leader and being there for the young fellas."

(Terry, Thomas, Miller, Noel quotes courtesy UNC Athletic Communications.)

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