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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- After "Late Night with Roy Williams" concluded, Roy Williams and several players spoke with the media. Listen and read what they had to say ...

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It looked like Mike Copeland had some ice on his knee at the end.

I have no idea. I haven't seen the trainer. He's just in [with] the trainer, so I have no idea.

Is that one of your concerns going into practice with only 10 players?

We have three youngsters that played on the JV team who are going to practice with us, so we will have more than 10 to practice. I have no idea [about Copeland]; he is in with the trainer right now.

Was this year's Wes Miller imitation better or worse than last year?

He was good. David Noel may go down as the greatest Late Night with Roy performer ever, but Wes did a good job too.

How did Hubert Davis and King Rice come to be involved?

They live here, they have been to the football games, they come and watch the guys play pick-up games, they have watched the guys go through conditioning program, they have played pick-up games with them a couple of times. They are still young enough to do those kinds of things and live, smile, and talk about it the next day. I thought it would be nice for the fans to see them again too.

What was your favorite skit?

The first one I liked, but it just went so long. I was about to fall asleep over there. I always like the dancing better than the skits, but I thought it was good.

What is the plan for tomorrow?

Hopefully, have a great practice [at] 2:00; get a good night's sleep tonight and get some rest and some food and come out ready to go for a bout two and a half hours and hopefully get started on getting our team better.

Who are the three JV players who will be joining you, do you know?


Another success tonight, coach?

I think so. I would have liked for it to have been full, but it wasn't. You can't worry about people who are not here. They missed something. The people that were here had a good time. I think Tyler was, hands down, the least accomplished, and then all of a sudden he brought the house down at the end, so I think he was holding back something and keeping it away from everyone. He told me he was going to be ready at the end.

What went through your mind when they let the banner down?

It was just - watching the video right before it brought back some great memories, memories we will have with us for the rest of our lives. It was a good feeling. I went down to my assistant coaches and told them that was a proud moment that I'll remember.

How much is conditioning a part of tomorrow's practice?

Not a lot - I don't believe in running people to kill them or anything like that. We had a great conditioning program to get our cardiovascular systems as good as it can be, but it is different once you start playing basketball, so we will go through a lot of stations and basketball drills to try to get them ready.

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Did Stuart Scott give approval for your impression?

Yeah, he called a couple of days ago, and I told him I was doing his part. He was like, 'Ah-aight, rep me good,' so I tried to do my best.

He told me to use 'Boo-yahs, cooler than the other side of the pillow,' and all those [catch phrases], so it was fun.

Will Devine ever come out of the moth balls again?

Oh no, uh-uh. Devine is done for. She went go Europe a couple of minutes ago. That's it for her.

That is a character that will always be talked about. Any chance we could see her on Franklin Street on Halloween?

Nah, nah, Devine is done for. I'm done with doing Devine. If anybody else wants to pick it up, they can change the name and put their own little [touch] on it.

Which of the freshmen was reluctant to go out there and cut up?

Tyler, Tyler. He was kind of slow [to get going], but he is a fun-loving guy. Once he gets out there and gets comfortable, he'll do just about anything, so he came out with the little booty shake tonight. I think he's going to get some girls for that.

Is there any difference between having it at midnight and having it earlier?

The whole 'Midnight Madness' is a good slogan, but we were glad it was earlier this year. That gives us a lot of time to go back and get some rest for practice tomorrow. It helps us a lot.

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You looked so much more confident out there tonight. Is the process complete, or is it a work in progress?

It's a work in progress. I'm just trying to work and get better day by day - as a team, not just myself.

You have to admit, you have to be better and more confident because you are in a leadership position at point guard.

You are definitely right. As a team, we each have to make sure that we each do our jobs - that's what Coach says. I take responsibility to do what I can to do what I can to help my team win.

Do you sense that your teammates also have confidence in you?

I believe so, and I think it will grow as the season progresses.

Your jump shot looked good out there. Can we expect to see that a lot this year?

We'll see.


Is this night about having fun, or was there some actual basketball out there too?

It's about fun, but at the same time we got the basketball thing going too.

It looks like the freshmen still have a lot to learn.

We are still showing them each day. They have a lot to learn, but [the upperclassmen] do too. They will be fine.

Were the upperclassmen trying to show the freshmen that they have a lot to learn in the game tonigh?

It's new for them, they've never been here before, so it will always be a learning process for freshmen.

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