Scouting Report: Brandan Wright

Dave Telep, the nation's leading recruiting analyst, reviews his notes and compiles in-depth scouting reports on North Carolina's basketball recruits. In this edition -- Top 5 senior Brandan Wright ...

Brandan Wright
6-9, 200
Brentwood (Tenn.) Academy

His body type and his game are somewhat similar to Chris Bosh. If you switched jerseys with those guys, it'd be hard to tell the difference. That's who I've always compared him to.

Wright has always been a really, really good rebounder. That may be one of the two or three best things about this game. Another part is he's got a live body in the post. He's just got one of those bodies that is athletic, live and kind of slippery. And, at the end of the day, he's going to be reliable as a mid-range face-up guy.

I think the greatest strength he's got is that somehow he's always productive.
I think the greatest strength he's got is that somehow he's always productive. He's just always figured out how to get it done. His effectiveness near the hoop is what happens when you combine his touch and body type, how he plays with athleticism inside and that's all a byproduct of who he is. He definitely has a good touch and feel around the basket.

The thing about him is that he's been kind of a one man show for a while. He's got a good high school team, but he's always had to carry the teams he's played on – high school and AAU. Brentwood has won state championships, but their team is not a national powerhouse and he's never played surrounded by elite AAU teammates – so he's been the go-to-guy his entire high school career and he's always been a winner. It'll be interesting to see where his game goes now that he'll be playing with such top players. He won't have the pressure of being The Guy anymore because obviously there are a ton of great players he'll play alongside at UNC.

Wright definitely needs to add weight, but it's no different than Chris Bosh at Georgia Tech and people saying he was slender – but Bosh got things done offensively and defensively as a big time shotblocker because of his size. He was a crafty player like Brandan. Obviously, adding strength are priorities 1 and 1a, but as he adds that weight, you'll see him be more comfortable on the interior and not have to drift and play on the perimeter as he sometimes does. That said, when Brandon Wright has played against big guys inside, defensively he's answered the call.

Also, he wants to be a face-up four man and his body type will facilitate that, but he'll need to polish his mid-range and perimeter shot and become a lights out free throw shooter as well. Those are areas he'll need to improve on to become that ideal face-up four man.

Signature Performance:
He's another one of those guys who did not have the one signature performance in the summer, but it'd he bard to discuss his high school career without talking about the twice a year battles he's had with Giles County and Tyler Smith. It was the most well attended high school game each year in Tennessee and one of the more publicized games in the entire south. Those battles with Giles County were defining games – those guys traded punches all the time. That was a huge stage for him. It's the main event and Brandan Wright always played well in that game. And there was more than one of them. Aside from that, I guess you've got to go back to freshman year when he was MVP of the school's first-ever state championship.

College Projection:
A lot of it will depend on the development of his game. Not talking about where he'll play for pay, but from a college perspective, he'll enter college as a power forward.

He'll enter college as a power forward.
Look at how UNC's frontcourt depth situation has changed. They went from having extensive amounts of playing time and now having an unbelievable rotation of players that you'd label as power forwards or centers. Wright will practice against big-time post players and can develop at his own pace. And, again, what position he winds up playing is determined by the development of his game, but I think he enters as a power forward.

No. 5 -- He's just scratching the surface and has lots of room to improve because physically there's a lot of development that will happen. He'll have a chance to be even higher than we have him. But he's the top power forward and the 5th best player overall in the county -- not much more you can say.

Final Thoughts:
Brandan Wright is a really humble kid who has never sought a lot of attention and he'll be the first one to tell you he's definitely family oriented. He's soft spoken and humble. I've talked to almost every coach that recruited him and while in most recruitments people will throw a qualifier in there (‘He's a good kid we'd love to him have him but …'), with Wright, to a man, each coach was very disappointed they didn't get him because of the fact that they thought as highly of him as a kid as they did a player.

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