Wright: 'I Want to Play in That Style'

In his mind, he didn't catch anyone by surprise, but to the rest of the recruiting world Brandan Wright pulled somewhat of a shocker. Wright discusses his commitment to UNC ...

Unless you had the Wright household bugged, the commitment of Brandan Wright to North Carolina probably caught you off guard in some fashion. Kentucky, Vanderbilt and Duke were thought to be in strong position.

Actually, the truth of the matter is that Wright played his cards so well, no one really knew what he was thinking. From start to finish, Wright was the perfect gentleman to the media and with the staffs recruiting him. Everyone felt good about their chances, but to a man, no one really thought UNC would land him.

"I've been thinking about them for a week or week and a half," Wright said of the Tar Heels. "I started thinking about all the schools and the way they play. I pictured myself there. I think the way Carolina plays … running up and down the court 100 miles and hour, I think that was the best style for me."

Wright, who maintained he had no leader throughout the process, said that he approached each visit with an open mind and wasn't swayed until recently in favor of UNC.

"I never had numbers on anything (in terms of where teams stood)," he said. "I had each school and everything I liked and disliked about each school. I just went from there. The main deciding factor was the way Carolina plays and I want to play in that style."

In that style, Wright said that he envisions spending most of his time at the power forward spot with a little moonlighting at small forward.

Even after the commitment, it's going to take a while for this one to sink in. It truly caught most observers by surprise.

"Me and (Coach Williams) have a great relationship," Wright said. "The media thought they were fourth. All four of schools were very close. (Coach) came to every game he possibly could come this year. We talk on the phone and I connected with the assistants very well."

Now with Wright in the fold and the likelihood of a No. 1 recruiting class secured, the forward knows that this current Tar Heel class will be expected to reach that final game on a Monday night in April.

"There's one thing left to do," Wright said. "I think it'll be high expectations freshman year."

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