TST: Telep Talks UNC Hoops Recruiting

Dave Telep, Scout.com's college hoops recruiting expert and a regular contributor to Inside Carolina, was on Triangle Sports Talk today to discuss the Tar Heels' recruiting class, ranked No. 1 in the nation. Listen to what he had to say ...


"Hyperbole and hype are two things you tend to stay away from, but there are sometimes instances where you need to give someone their [due]. This is one of those cases. Roy Williams is a terrific recruiter and he's passionate about recruiting. The best thing I could say about this North Carolina recruiting class, in the context that he's had some big ones at Kansas and been a part of some big ones at North Carolina, I think it's going to be hard to really top what they've done this year. Of the five No. 1 ranked players at each position per our rankings, North Carolina has signed 60 percent of those players. There's not another statistic that you can roll out like that." -- Dave Telep

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