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Carolina Basketball

In Wright, Telep sees a young Chris Bosh. The former Georgia Tech player is now with the Toronto Raptors. "To me, most obviously, they're both long and angular guys," Telep said. "These kids are cut from the same mold. Chris was an elite-level shot-blocker, which separates him from Brandan a little."
Heels land top-rated power foward
Greensboro News & Record

"He gets a lot of his stuff running the floor. He has a nice jump shot out to 15 feet and hits a lot from there off the secondary break. His jump hook is his best post move, and he has a nice drop-step and up-and-under. He is very long, with a 7-3 wing span. He needs to get stronger and to improve his perimeter shooting."
Tar Heels land third No. 1-ranked propect
Fayetteville Observer

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