Yates: 'A Perfect Situation'

Marietta (Ga.) Pope quarterback T.J. Yates, the newest North Carolina football commitment, spoke to Inside Carolina Tuesday night.

Talk about your decision to focus on football rather than basketball
"I had played football my whole life, but I took off my junior year to just concentrate on basketball. I played a lot of summer ball and that didn't go too well. A lot of people didn't recruit me that much. So I just decided to play football again, and I came out and had a great year. Luckily Carolina looked me up."

Did you grow up a North Carolina basketball fan?
"I lived in Indiana. I was born in Indianapolis until I moved here. My first love was basketball growing up in Indiana, but I always played football."

How is your team doing this year?
"We're not doing to good. We're 2-6 right now."

You are going to visit Chapel Hill this weekend. Have you ever been there before?
"I've been up there a few times for basketball tournaments. I've been around the campus a little bit. But I haven't seen all of the facilities or anything."

Was academics an important factor for you and your family in your decision?
"UNC is one of the top schools academically in the country, so that's a plus on both sides – the football program and academics."

How much did the opportunity for early playing time weigh in your decision?
"That was the biggest part of my decision. It looked like the perfect situation to come in and compete for the starting job."

Describe your game.
"I'm very mobile for a big quarterback. I'm very good at throwing on the run. I've got a strong arm. I think I can either run the ball or pass the ball or whatever. I'm good at reading defenses."

Do you consider your commitment solid?

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