FBall Recruiting: Chris Hawkins Interview


Chris Hawkins Vitals

Height: 6-3

Weight: 190

40-time: 4.38 (best)

BP: 250

Squat: 400

Position: QB and plays free safety or CB during special situations

Att/Comp: 24-50

Yards: 1070

TDs: 8

Yards Rushing: 800

TDs Rushing: 12


Offers: NCSU, Mich, UNC, NW, WF, Va, VaT


Others Recruiting: GaT


Favorites: NCSU (Plans on verballing 4/22/02)


Schools Recruiting the Hardest: NCSU




Inside Carolina: Which school is your favorite?

Chris Hawkins: NC State. In fact, I plan to commit to them tomorrow.


IC: What is it that you like about NCSU?

Hawkins: I like the atmosphere there. They are an up and coming program with the stadium upgrades and everything.


IC: Which school was your favorite school growing up?

Hawkins: Florida State. In fact, I really like the coaching staff at Florida State. Coach Amato used to be on the coaching staff at Florida State. He even recruited my father.


IC: Did your father play for Florida State?

Hawkins: No. His name is David Hawkins and he played for Marshall.


IC: Did Coach Amato remember your father?

Hawkins: Yes. He remembered him.


IC: What would you say is the primary difference between NCSU and Carolina as far as you choosing NCSU?

Hawkins: I just like the atmosphere at NCSU. The kids (as well as the coaching staff) there just came up and talked to me whereas the coaching staff at UNC mainly talked to me. He just seems like the right fit for me. Carolina kind of backed off of me the last couple of weeks. I guess since Durant decided not to transfer that they felt like they did not need another QB. I think UNC is a good school though.



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