Six UNC Commitments Named to Shrine Bowl

Six in-state UNC commitments were among the selections for the 2005 Shrine Bowl. The 69th annual game will be played Dec. 17 at Gibbs Stadium in Spartanburg, S.C.

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The following six UNC commitments were selected to the team. regional analyst, and Shrine Bowl consultant, Miller Safrit provides quotes on why each of the six players were selected. Their listed positions are that which they've been chosen to play at the Shrine Bowl. Scroll down for the full rosters.

5-11, 180
Shelby (N.C.) HS

"Versatility, they loved his ability to play cornerback or play safety. He's a hard hitter and he can even play some offense if they need him there."

Player Profile, with Video Highlights
6-1, 210
Charlotte (N.C.) Independence

"Big player - they liked his physical nature, his great hands in traffic and he'll work well in the power running game because he knows how to block."

Player Profile, with Video Highlights
6-6, 245
Greenville (N.C.) Rose

"Plays TE and DE in high school, but they want to see how he does plugging up the middle. The S.C. team is going to be passing the ball a lot, so they want some speed across the line to get to the quarterback."

Player Profile, with Video Highlights
6-4, 210
Winston-Salem (N.C.) Mt. Tabor

"Another big player, they noticed his good hands, and he could move to tight end or fullback. Biggest thing the N.C. team wanted was versatility with all their players and he fits that mold."

Player Profile, with Video Highlights
5-10, 190
Asheville (N.C.) HS

"Speed. He is their speed running back. The N.C. team has three great running backs and he'll push in the Shrine Bowl practices for the starting position."

Player Profile, with Video Highlights
6-3, 195
Jacksonville (N.C.) White Oak

"Deunta has always been a physical safety and they wanted speed at the outside linebacker position, so they figured with his body type he could definitely fit that spot."

Player Profile, with Video Highlights

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This year's game, the 69th annual, will again be played at Gibbs Stadium on the campus of Wofford College in Spartanburg, S.C. on Saturday, December 17th at 1:00 PM EST. Tickets are available at the Shrine Bowl Office for $20.00 reserve seats and $10.00 general admission. Call for your Shrine Bowl tickets today at 1-800-648-2695.

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