UNC-UVa: Al Groh Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The Virginia head coach addressed the media following the game...

Opening Statement:
"It was really a very simple game. In all phases we just didn't play quite well enough to win. We had the opportunity to make a few plays at the end. In a game like this, which you expect all games in this conference to be close games decided in the fourth quarter, we had the opportunity to make plays and we didn't make the plays. We wish we had but we didn't and we have the result that we have.

"Winning this game would have done us a lot of good. But, I'm consistent in my thinking that they're all one. They don't build. They don't build and they don't subtract. Each week is its own challenge. This week was just a particular challenge. We were just a couple points short on meeting the challenge. We had our chances, you know. All we have to do is get the ball to the 30 yard-line and we're probably going to win the game. So, we're down there twice with the opportunity to do that. Plus, we have an opportunity to have the ball on the two yard-line. So in our last three possessions we had the opportunity to have the ball on the two yard-line or to have the ball on the 30 yard-line, which is well within Conner's range. So, we had our chances and we don't have any complaints.

"It was a pretty even-steven game. But, we didn't make enough plays to change the game. Usually that's what you have to do and usually a lot of those plays have to come in the fourth quarter. We did make stops and had some plays on defense. But, we couldn't come up with enough to give ourselves an opportunity to either score on the two yard-line or get our kicker in the game."

On Carolina's rushing attack:
"We expected it. Knowing their coaches and their mentality, they weren't going to go through the season without running the ball well. So, we anticipated that that would be the case."

On the penalty at the end of the game:
"That's not an important penalty. It had nothing to do with the bearing of the game."

On Carolina's holding penalty toward the end of the game and Virginia's use of a timeout instead of declining the penalty, which would have stopped the clock:
"At that particular time we thought field position was very important. There was a significant gain on that play. That was the issue. So that they get up there close enough and may get it on third down. Then you may never get the ball back. So, in that particular case your only option is to guard your opportunity to get the ball back because if you don't get the ball back you have no chance to win the game. With third down and three, or whatever it was at that point, we wanted to guard our opportunity and try to get the ball back."

On the battle between Carolina's defensive line and Virginia's offensive line:
"We couldn't get any consistency in our running game. So, we weren't able to control the tempo that we would have liked from that respect. We thought that the four guys that they rotated in the middle were going to be our biggest challenge. We anticipated that would be a most critical match-up for us in the game. Obviously we didn't do as well on that match-up as we would have liked to have done coming in here."

On the environment at Kenan Stadium:
"It was a nice day out there. It was a nice crowd. Contrary to some of the places we've been, nobody was abusive. It was just a nice day to play football. Maybe the environment had something to do with their team. But, I don't think the environment had anything to do with our team."

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