Operation BKB: Reyshawn Terry

GREENSBORO, N.C. – North Carolina junior Reyshawn Terry addressed the media on Sunday during 2005 ACC Operation Basketball from the Grandover Resort. Read and listen to some of what he had to say…

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How has practice gone so far?

"It's tough. The first couple of weeks are always the toughest weeks of practice because we're getting back in shape ..."

What do you think you can provide offensively that this team needs?

"A lot of hustle - just enthusiasm and the guy everybody can feed off of [because] I'll be giving my all every night."

How did you prepare yourself for the new role?

"Just work harder. Do everything that you've done before but at a higher level. You have to adjust both mentally and physically to raise your level of play. ... just knowing how to make better decisions and being a better basketball player."

With a young, inexperienced team, how can the team keep its confidence up after losses?

"We know we're not going to win every game ... we just have to bounce back from things like that. We really can't afford to have a down part of the season. ... I have to be more of a leader, showing the freshmen the ropes and being a positive influence. It's very important we stay positive and motivated."

What do you think about being an underdog this season?

"A lot of teams are writing us off as being not so good this year, so that's motivation for us. We feel like we've got nothing to lose, so we'll play hard and give it all we've got."

In what aspects is the team looking good at in practice so far?

"Running more, just being more mentally tough. I say that because those younger guys you expect them to give in at first, but those guys are really eager to learn and are ready to prove to the ACC what type of players they are ... Coach Williams talks about how he wants to run even more this year because we're going to be so small that we'll have to run more. The guys know we've got to have a different mindset this year."

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