FBall Recruiting: Steve Justice Interview

Inside Carolina spoke with Florida OL Steve Justice. Steve was voted first team all-state (4A division). He is also the brother of current UNC LB Doug Justice.

Steve Justice Vitals

Height: 6-4

Weight: 265

40-time: 5.2

BP: 300

Squat: 400

Position: OT

Roaches: 19 (term in Florida HS circles meaning putting opposing player on his back with arms and legs pointing skyward, i.e. like roach on its back)


Offers: None so far


Recruiting: FL, FSU, UNC, Va, AL, PSU others


Top 5: FSU, FL, UNC, Va, PSU




Inside Carolina: Steve, thanks for talking with us. Which of the schools is recruiting you the hardest?

Steve Justice: I'd say Florida right now.


IC: Who is your primary recruiter for UNC?

Justice: Coach Webster.


IC: Have you met Coach Webster and the rest of the staff?

Justice: I met Coach Webster, Coach Bunting, and a few others at the spring game.


IC: Have you visited any other schools besides UNC?

Justice: I went on some of the recruiting trips with my brother. I went to ND, Kentucky, FL, and FSU.


IC: Did you have a favorite school growing up?

Justice: We used to live in Pennsylvania when I was small and I always rooted for them when we lived up there. Here lately I have been partial to UNC.


IC: How old were you when you moved from Pennsylvania?

Justice: About six or seven.


IC: Do you still root for PSU?

Justice: Yes, sometimes.


IC: What has your brother told you about UNC?

Justice: He loves it up there. He loves the college and he really likes the friends he has made. He was really excited after the spring game when he got to start. He couldn't stop talking about that.


IC: What do you like about Carolina?

Justice: The facilities are great. I really like the weight program there. The coaching staff always treats me nicely when I visit. I never feel like they are trying to hurry me off and go somewhere else. They are very attentive when I visit.


IC: Is there anything you dislike or are unsure about UNC?

Justice: No, not really. Maybe it is colder up there? I don't think there is anything particularly that I do not like.


IC: Do you know what you want to major in?

Justice: No not yet.


IC: What are you looking for in a school?

Justice: I am looking for a school with good academics first. I want to be sure to get through school so I care about graduation rates. I just want to be around well rounded people that are friendly. I also want to go to a good football program. It would be better if the school goes to a bowl regularly. I am not looking to go to a school that is just about football and trying to get into the NFL.


IC: when do you think you might decide?

Justice: It depends. I have to get an offer first. I probably will wait until after the football season. I want to do really well my senior year so I want to focus especially hard on that.


IC: Has your HS coach given you any advice?

Justice: He is my new coach so I haven't had that much time to get to know him. He is a graduate from UNC and played on the football team as a walk-on. He was a deep snapper on the punting team. His name is Stu Holt.


IC: Does your family have a preference where you play?

Justice: No. They will support me wherever I go.


IC: What do your parents think about UNC?

Justice: They think it is a good school with a good football program.


IC: Do you have any other family members that have played college ball besides Doug?

Justice: My oldest brother played on the Air Force Academy football team although he did not get into a game. He is now training to be a pilot on the big Air Force cargo planes.


IC: What is your favorite football play?

Justice: We had a play last year that we called Santa. I get to pull and block the MLB. It was fun because he never saw me coming.


IC: Do you plan to attend the UNC camp this summer?

Justice: Yes, I plan to attend.


IC: Thanks for spending time with us Steve.



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