UNC-Miami: John Bunting Quotes + Audio

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – North Carolina coach John Bunting addressed the media on Saturday following the Tar Heels' 34-16 loss to fifth-ranked Miami…

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"I'm not sure what to say, except it was certainly a tale of two halves. The second one was of field position that was really stacked up against us. We were trying not to kick to the great [Devin] Hester. Then they get a first down or two, and all of a sudden we're on our on 10-yard line or whatever. Of course they take two possessions on their side of the 50. They get 20 points on 30 yards of total offense. It's hard to win a football game that way. They have won a lot of football games in the past on defense and special teams. That certainly helped them a great deal today, along with Tyrone Moss doing what he has done to a lot of people. We tried to kick that ‘Power O' outside, but we never really got it going ‘East/West' the way we wanted to…

"The kids really played their hearts out; I think everybody appreciated that. We had a chance to make a big play in the first half and maybe make it a little bit different for them at halftime. That was certainly not a turning point, but it was a momentum swing that could have really worked on our behalf if [Jarwarski Pollock] caught that pass, because clearly, he would have scored. That's the things you have to do to win football games against great teams. This team we played against is a great team; there's no doubt about it. They have great players; there's no doubt about it. Their defense turned up the volume and went after us. They blitzed us a great deal. Between field position, procedures, and not being able to run the ball like we did in the first half; made for a miserable third quarter. So we're now down to a four-game season. I've talked about that before. Last year we were in the same situation with a four-game season. We have three of them at home and we really have to take advantage of that.

"I hope that Matt [Baker] will be well. I know that we have a couple of other guys dinged up, and hopefully we can get them back where they can practice. This team has prepared well and played well. We had a lot of emotion today, and they kind of got kicked in the stomach in that third quarter. And that's a shame, because they did play well."

On Baker's ability to come back after taking hits:
"I'm really confident in Matt Baker's ability to come back. Each week he has something that hurts, but that's usually the way of a quarterback. There's no doubt in my mind Matt Baker will be back to play football for us as soon as possible."

Did Jarwarski say what happened on that pass?
"That's one that will haunt him, at least for the ride back. I don't want this team to focus much on this after we return. I want them to focus on Boston College as soon as we touch down. It hurts to lose when you play so well in the first half. I know he's hurting. I know him; he hurts a bunch."

On Miami shutting down UNC's running game in the second half:
"They started filling all the lanes. They started blitzing the crap out of us. And that's to their credit. They were willing to take that chance to their coaches' credit. They wanted to turn up the volume and pressure us. And when we have field position like that, it's hard to play the game you want to play and take some shots on a defense that is pressuring like that. So, it's a shame it got away like that."

Having played the No. 5 team in the country tough like that, is it something you can build on and make a positive with Boston College coming in next week?
"There are moral victories for some people. I'm not looking for any moral victories. I'm looking for us to play a really good football team next week at home, and put together a complete game. I'm looking for us to play hard like we did. I think we played hard all day long. But I want us to play a little smarter and I want us to take advantage of all the opportunities that we have. That's how you win ballgames. You need to convert. When you get good chances and opportunities, you have to convert. That's how you win football games. And next week against BC, they'll be there again."

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