UNC-Miami: Locker Room Report + Audio

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – North Carolina players Tommy Richardson, Jarwarski Pollock, Trimane Goddard, Matt Baker and Ronnie McGill addressed the media on Saturday following the Tar Heels' 34-16 loss to fifth-ranked Miami…

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Tommy Richardson – AUDIO (1:41)

On UM tailback Tyrone Moss:
"Sometimes he was making cutbacks when there were really no cutback lanes. He was just outrunning our defensive ends and our tackles. He did a great job today, but all in all we forced four turnovers. That's what you want to do. You want to force turnovers. You want to stop the run as well. But, hey, four turnovers, that's still a great performance by our defense."

How did you see their defense change in the second half
"They did a great job recognizing what we wanted to do. They came after us a little bit. We still have to make plays. We still have to stop runs so we won't have to be out there so long as well. But we forced four turnovers and we have to hang our hats on something. But they're a great ball club and I tip my hat to them.

"They won the field position battle and that's a shame, because we work so hard on special teams."

Jarwarski Pollock – AUDIO (1:44)

On his missed catch late in the second quarter:
"I just dropped the ball. It's just my personal opinion, but it changed the whole complex of the game. We would have been up 23-7. I just dropped the ball."

Did it have anything to do with your knee injury?
"There is nothing wrong with my knee. I won't be wearing this brace any more. This is the last game I'll play with this brace."

Trimane Goddard – AUDIO (2:55)

What was the big difference between the first and second half?
"The first half we gave great effort. We had a couple of missed opportunities, but we played together in the first half. In the second half the momentum started to change."

Was their blocked punt the turning point?
"I think so. Everyone started going crazy when they put a touchdown on the board. It seems like it never died down after that."

On coming off two of the best games of your career so far:
"I just keep the same mindset and go and do whatever the coach wants me to do – just going out and selling out."

Can you put this game behind you? Do you still have goals to accomplish this season?
"We really wanted to win this game and it hurts, but we still have four games left. I think their very winnable, so we're just going to put this game behind us."

Matt Baker – AUDIO (1:51)

On the fumble at the goal line:
"Someone came from the backside. I was just trying to move in the pocket and make the throw. It was sitting right there, I had my hand on it at first, but I was tangled in a way and I couldn't get forward any."

On the injury that caused you to leave the game:
"I just have a lingering ankle injury. It will come back. It will be about the same as it is every week."

Do you see any problems with playing next week?
"No, not at all."

Ronnie McGill – AUDIO (2:54)

"In the first half we had the game that we really wanted. And then we were forced to pass, and then Matt got hurt and we had to go with the backup quarterback. And that just messed our whole game plan up."

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