Lamarcus Aldridge Video

In the final installment of the five-part, week-long feature on sophomore Carolina target Lamarcus Aldridge, <i>IC</i>'s David Thompson shot game and practice footage for the following video clips.

To view these files, you will need 1) a newer version of the free Real Player, 2) a high-speed internet connection and 3) no firewall. Some will find that their work computer has a block (firewall) on high bandwith downloads such as these.

Thanks to for providing us with the ability to stream video. If you need streaming video, make sure to check them out.

Video Clip #1 - A big block, and an outlet pass to start the break.

Video Clip #2 - Collection of putbacks.

Video Clip #3 - A few practice dunks.

Video Clip #4 - Shooting free throws.

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