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With the release this month of "Blue Blood," Inside Carolina has read an advanced copy and provides a review ...

Eight miles. It's since become cliché to reference the distance between the two campuses, but it's at the core of what makes the rivalry unique -- and living in the Triangle you can't help but notice. And, yes, it's actually a bit more than eight miles, but regardless, the proximity and prominence of the two programs have established Duke-UNC as the game's best rivalry.

In fact, it's the No. 1 rivalry in all of college sports. Which begs the question – why hasn't anyone written a book on the rivalry until now?

Maybe there was too much to cover. The last half-century included a seemingly unending number of big games, significant players and terrific anecdotes. Author Art Chansky attempts to tackle them all in Blue Blood, which arrives at book stores this month.

The buzzer-beaters – from Davis to Capel
The fights – from Brown vs. Heyman to Doherty vs. Buckner
The controversies – from McGuire to Maggette
The recruiting battles – from Miller to Battier

The book traces the last 50 seasons of North Carolina and Duke basketball, in the context of the rivalry. Most of it is chronological in an easy to follow format, season by season, though it breaks off at certain points to further delve into specific people or topics. All the key events and the key figures are covered in this comprehensive work. If anything was left out, this reader didn't notice.

But Tar Heel fans, be warned. Blue Blood may be authored by someone from UNC's side of the fence, but that doesn't mean it's written from the Carolina perspective. Don't plan to use this book as fuel for your next battle at the water cooler with that Duke fan at your office. This book is as balanced as can be. Chansky consulted veteran Durham writer Al Featherston to ensure both sides were fairly represented.

A book on this rivalry was long overdue, and Chansky does it justice. This is sure to become a staple of every Tar Heel or Blue Devil fan's library.

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Blue Blood:
Duke-Carolina: Inside the Most Storied Rivalry in College Hoops
By Art Chansky
Forword by Dick Vitale
Publication date – Nov. 2005
Pages: 400, includes 16 pages of photos

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