UNC-BC: Tom O'Brien Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The Eagles' coach addressed the media following the game...

Opening Statement:
It was a tough day for us today. We didn't play well enough to win the football game. We seemed to move the ball in between the 20s, but then when we got in the red zone, we couldn't get the ball in the end zone. We couldn't get off the field in the first half. We didn't tackle very well then. And then they made some long drives and played keep-away and didn't give us much of an opportunity, so credit them.

On the fourth quarter quarterback change:
It seemed like we needed a spark there starting the fourth quarter. That's why I went to Matt Ryan. Obviously, he brought something when he got in the game, so I'll have to sit down and assess that situation.

On Boston College's struggles offensively:
We seemed to always come up fourth-and-one or -two. We couldn't seem to make first downs. They seemed to find a way to make third-down conversions when they needed them. We ended up fourth and a yard short, you know, fourth-and-two, fourth-and-one, a long one. We just couldn't that first down going.

On North Carolina converting on third down:
I mean, they were nine of 18, 50 percent ¬ that's a high percentage. They get one off a tipped ball, too. So, it was their day. It wasn't ours.

On the opening kickoff return:
We get the kick, the guy fumbles the ball, we get out of our lanes, and then he pins it. He's a heck of a return guy, and he gets to the perimeter. They pin our contain guy, and that was it; he went down the boundary. But I think as he was bobbling the ball around, everybody went after the football instead of staying in their lanes.

On missed opportunities:
We gave up too many first downs. They drove the ball. They kicked field goals, which was good, but we couldn't ever get a drive back going. We had the opportunity ¬ I guess Blackmon didn't come back behind the line of scrimmage. That's what they called on the touchdown pass they called back. You know that one goes in there, and then who knows what kind of ballgame you've got. But as it was, I think we got sacked twice after that, and we went backwards.

On a possible turning point:
You know when we took the two losses we took there, and got ourselves back out of scoring range. We had to punt the ball. We couldn't even kick a field goal. You're down there, you don't take losses. You kick a field goal and then score the touchdown at the end, and it's a different outcome here.

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