Oak Hill's Best-Ever PG?

With the day that Tywon Lawson will officially make himself a future Tar Heel just hours away, Oak Hill Academy coach Steve Smith is ready to put Lawson at an elite level.

Smith, who said that Lawson will sign his letter of intent on Wednesday morning and then fax a copy both to his parents and to the North Carolina coaching staff, put his current standout point guard in exclusive company.

"He's as good a point guard as we've ever had here and I've been blessed with an abundance of great ones," Smith said.

Rod Strickland. Cory Alexander. William Avery. Jeff McInnis. Steve Blake. Those five all played in the NBA.

Add in Cliff Hawkins, Marcus Williams, Rajon Rondo and Billy Edelin.

"I think Tywon is the best we've had here since Rod in 1985," Smith added. "He has the best combination of all skills and has a great feel for the game. He can really run a team."

That's been evident by Lawson's numbers through a pair of victories so far this season. Lawson scored 18 points and had 16 assists in the season-opener and put up 22 points and dished out 16 more assists in an easy victory against Statesville Christian. He's also averaging six steals per contest in the Warriors 2-0 start.

"What sets him apart from the other point guards we've had here is that he shoots it better," Smith said. "He's so strong and can go inside, bang into a 6-8, 240-pound guy and it doesn't faze him. He finishes plays. It's like a three-point play when he goes in there."

"Offensively, I don't think he really has any weakness," Smith added. "Maybe not trying to do too much and just taking care and valuing the ball. He's not turnover-prone, but he'll make a play or two that he shouldn't make. That, along with his defensive intensity, which has gotten much better from last year."

"He's playing with so much more confidence now than he was last year," he continued. "He looked like a high school player last year. Now he looks like a junior in college."

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