UNC-MD: John Bunting Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina coach John Bunting addressed the media on Saturday following the Tar Heels' 33-30 OT loss to Maryland…

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Opening Remarks:
"I just left a really disappointed locker room. That's about as painful a loss as we've had around here in terms of being so close but so far. There's a lot of disappointment. There's a lot of players down there who played their hearts out and gave everything they had to win the football game. One team had to go home a loser and it was us.

"Playing at home, in front of a great crowd, this is especially disappointing for us. I'm proud of the effort of this football team and everything they tried to get done. There were a lot of plays made out there on both sides. We were probably one play short. It shouldn't have come down to even overtime in my opinion, but it did. And in that overtime period I would have thought we would have come out and won that football game or gone into second (overtime).

"I'm proud of the quarterback. I'm proud of the defense. There were so many plays that they made, especially in the second half. There were two that we didn't make. We didn't finish a couple of plays. It's a shame because they really played well.

"I'm proud of the quarterback and the receivers who made some plays. Besides the last kick, the kicker kicked well. It was probably a high snap. I'm sure it threw him off some.

"This game will hurt a lot and it should. It will hurt the players. It will hurt the coaches. But, we'll find a way to get over this and get back to work Monday.

On going for the field goal on third down:
"There's always a consideration for another play. I was not going to take a chance for a sack or a fumbled snap. Let's take all the hazards out of the play. We had already had two shots at the end zone, close to getting a touchdown on one. We thought let's have a chance to live again. That's why we make that decision. If there's a sack, the game's over."

On the Tar Heels' injuries:
"The injuries we had were significant. I want to give Chase Page a lot of credit playing defensive end a lot today. Going into the game Brian Rackley hadn't played, hadn't practiced. He had a week from the week before. He never had a full recovery from it so he didn't even suit up. We know that Hilee Taylor is going to have to be x-rayed and I'm hopeful that Brian Rackley will have some recovery from last week."

On the next week:
"We have a game at home next week against Duke. Once again it will be up us as a coaching staff to get this team turned around get ready for them (Duke)."

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