UNC-MD: Ralph Friedgen Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The Terps' coach addressed the media following the game...

Opening remarks:
"Well, I've had a lot of these games like this, but I don't think I've ever felt as drained as I am now. It's on empty. Tough week, and we did so many things wrong today, and then again, we did so many good things. Proud of our players and coaches; kinda hung in there when things weren't looking real good. Kids kinda showed what they're made of. I thought [Sam] Hollenbach was two big interceptions deep down in their territory and yet has the composure and the guts to hang in there. The first touchdown he made was a huge play. He made a guy miss; he was getting pressure all day and found Jo Jo [Walker] and made a perfect throw. And then the next play I think was a great call by Charlie [Taaffe]; he ran a double move on the guy on the outside, guy bit on it, and Sam made a perfect throw. Defensively, I thought we played hard the whole game. This is a good football team we beat. They play hard and they're tough and well coached. I feel very fortunate to come out here with a win."

On how this comeback compares to other comebacks he's had with Maryland:
"NC State. I was watching that one on TV and didn't believe we were gonna win and I knew the outcome. We were 14 points down with seven minutes to play and won by four. It was the type of game that it was. We make some plays and then all of a sudden we make some penalties. It was like we were swimming upstream the whole game and no matter how hard we kept trying, we kept getting knocked back down. The guy [Dan Ennis] missed an extra point. That's a big play. That's a four-point lead. And then their guy [Connor Barth] hits the bar. You ever wake up one of these mornings and think it's not going to be your day? This guy hits the bar and it goes good; my guy hits the bar and it goes bad."

On if he talked to Dan Ellis before the overtime field goal:
"No. I didn't say a thing to him. I got faith in the kid. He peeked on his extra point. I saw as soon as he did it. Think he was blaming the snap and the hold. You can't peek. When he peeks he opens his hips and yanks it to the left."

On going long in the fourth quarter:
"Well, the first one was third down. Third and eight; they're in two deep coverage. We went with four verticals and mike linebacker jumped Vernon [Davis]. Jo Jo [Walker] was supposed to break across the corner to the safety's face. What happened was that the safety kinda bit when he saw Sam [Hollenbach] scrambling. Jo Jo went right behind him and then it was a perfect throw. I've seen guys miss that throw a lot. I give Sam a heck of a lot of credit. He's a solid guy and makes mistakes like all of us, but he hung in there and found a way to get it down."

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