UNC-CC: Roy Williams Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina coach Roy Williams addressed the media on Saturday following the Tar Heels' 89-63 exhibition win over Catawba College at the Smith Center…

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Opening remarks:
"Well, I feel that this game definitely helped us. I liked Catawba's club. I like the way they ran the ball at us to make sure we run back on the defensive end. It's always easier and more fun to run towards the offensive end, but I think we did a nice job of running back. After the first six or eight minutes of the game where they sort of hit us between the eyes a couple of times without getting back, the second half I thought we were even a little bit more active defensively and we did a better job of moving on the offensive end of the floor. But you know, we were bigger and sometimes we were quicker as well. It was a glorified practice. I've said that, used that statement many times, but I do think it really helped us. I liked several things we did in the second half and I think that this kind of game can really help our team if we take the mistakes that we made and don't just say, ‘Oh well, I didn't do a very good job covering that three-on-two break.' It doesn't do any good unless you make some changes and I think this club is a very bright team. I think one of our greatest characteristics is I think we'll be a smart basketball team. So we had some mistakes tonight that we've got to learn from; if we do that, then we'll be able to use the good characteristic of being an intelligent player."

On Bobby Frasor and Quentin Thomas:
"‘Q,' I'm a little concerned about. His foot was bothering him. He did not practice yesterday and that's the reason I started Bobby today. I think it's just…they X-rayed it. Nothing shows on the X-ray, so it's just a little sore. He got stepped on or kicked; I don't know which one it was on the top of the foot. It bothered him the first time he went in the game and so I took him out just to give him a little break. I said, ‘Are you saying you can't play the rest of the game or you just need a little breather?' And he said he just needed a little breather. So don't read anything into that about Bobby starting, because ‘Q' didn't practice yesterday. I don't know that I've ever started a guy that didn't practice the day before."

On what Catawba did the first six to eight minutes of the game:
"Running, you know. We didn't do a very good job of getting back. It's 8-2, and six of their points are on layups. They were dong some things, they were running some plays… You know, it's not cheating to run a play. We felt they were cheating because they were doing some things they had done in practice."

On what he's learned about the team this preseason:
"I do think we are going to be an intelligent basketball team. I like the seven turnovers in the second half as opposed to the 11 in the first half. You know, again, we are not as deep as I would like us to be. We need guys to stay out of foul trouble so that you can't make silly fouls. But I think we are really going to be unselfish and I think we are really going to be an intelligent basketball team. And I think this team has a chance to be good defensively. And at times we do some really nice things defensively, but we've got to make sure we can do it over an extended period of time. You know, one time we got a 20-second, excuse me, 35-second shot clock violation and one other time they shot with one second left after they'd spread us. We were pretty patient the whole time and didn't foul."

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