Class of 2003 - DE David Kimball

IC Staff interviews DE David Kimball from Wendell (NC) East Wake about Nike camp, college choices, and summer camp plans.

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David Kimball is a standout defensive end from Wendell (NC) East Wake. Kimball netted 49 tackles and seven sacks last season for the Warriors. Mark Ellington interviewed Kimball about his current recruiting situation.

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Offers: None yet

Recruiting: UNC, NCSU, Wake, Duke, Elon

Inside Carolina: Thanks for taking time out for us David. Who is your primary recruiter from North Carolina?
David Kimball: Coach Kenny Browning is my primary from Carolina.

IC: Did you have a chance to attend the NIKE camp in Chapel Hill?
Kimball: Yes sir, I did.

IC: What did you think of the camp?
Kimball: It was a great camp. There was a lot of coaching going on so it was definitely worth going.

IC: Did you have a chance to look over the Carolina campus while you were there?
Kimball: Yes sir, it was very nice.

IC: How about the weight room, stadium, and the rest of the facilities?
Kimball: I had the chance to see just about everything. It is really nice. The weight room is really great.

IC: Did you get a chance to see Carolina play last year?
Kimball: I saw I think two or three games. I remember going to the Wake game.

IC: I guess that was not the most fun game that you went to.
Kimball: No. The players were really disappointed in the locker room after the game.

IC: Do you have a timetable for when you would like to decide by?
Kimball: Not really. Of course it depends on when the schools offer.

IC: Do you have a favorite school?
Kimball: Carolina is fine.

IC: How about your parents? Do they have a preference where you play?
Kimball: No, other than they would like me to play close to home.

IC: What is the most important thing to you in choosing a school?
Kimball: Probably academics. I really would like to go to a good school.

IC: What would you like to major in?
Kimball: I think I would like to major in business.

IC: Do you plan to attend any summer camps?
Kimball: Yes, I'll probably try and go to the UNC, NCST, and ECU camps.

IC: Thanks for talking with us David and good luck with the SATs on Saturday.

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