UNC meets with Padgett

<i>Inside Carolina</i>'s Clint Jackson spoke with the father and coach of David Padgett, for a full update, including news of Carolina's recent meeting with the 2003 post target.

During the UNC staff's whirlwind tour across the country the last two weeks, one of their stops was in Reno, Nevada to spend some time with David Padgett.

"UNC was out here on Tuesday," said Pete Padgett, David's father and coach at Reno High. "They spent a lot of time with us and I really have a lot of respect for the coaches there.

"I've known Doug Wojcik for a very long time and we have a really good relationship. He's actually been recruiting David since his sophomore year and I have the utmost respect for Doug. I also met Coach Doherty as well and he made a great impression as well.

"They seem like they really want David. It feels like he's a priority for them. They've talked a little bit about how well they think Sean May and David would compliment each other on the floor as well."

Coach Padgett addressed the question of whether Carolina has offered his son a scholarship.

"It was and has been my impression that UNC had one on the table all along," he said. "Yeah -- [David's] got an offer from UNC."

Padgett has gotten an early start on the rigors of the recruiting process, having already been on official visits to Arizona, Stanford and Kansas.

"The Kansas visit went very, very well," Pete Padgett said. "In fact it was very, very pleasant out there and I think it really opened his eyes to them. We've been on unofficials to Stanford and Arizona numerous times but that was our first trip to Kansas and it just went really well.

"He's taken three and we're pretty much committed to coming to UNC in the fall."

Any chance he commits before taking that visit to Chapel Hill?

"No, I don't think so," he said.

Padgett is listed at 6-11 1/2 (though he very well may be taller than that) and 245 pounds -- up 20 pounds from a year ago. His advanced skills and mobility are what has made him one of the most coveted big men in the nation.

"I think his number one thing that he does exceptionally well is run the floor," the father/coach said. "He runs the floor very, very well and he's the type that can play outside as well. He runs the floor, he rebounds, he blocks shots and he scores inside, outside.

"I've seen the Nick Collison comparisons and I think that's a good one, but obviously I'm his dad and I don't want to go too far ..."

As is the case with the majority of high school talents, there is the prevailing need to bulk and prepare for the physical play of the college game. And, Padgett is hard at work.

"David's been working out with an instructor and he's really developed his strength," Coach Padgett said. "He's dedicated. He works out with the instructor three times a week and NEVER misses a workout."

Padgett's summer plans were going to include the Triangle's Tournament of Champions at the end of May, but he'll no longer be able to attend.

"He won't be at the Gibbons TOC, because he'll be gearing up for the under-19 festival in Colorado Springs," the elder Padgett said, "but he is planning to be at Adidas [ABCD] and of course, the Big Time out here in Vegas."

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