Duke Pregame Quotes

Duke head coach Ted Roof and senior Brian Greene discuss Saturday's game at North Carolina ...


Opening comments
"Hard to believe it's the end of the season already. It's gone fast. It's come and gone. But glad we have a game left, and obviously it's a big ballgame for us. The thing will be for us to put 60 minutes together in all phases. And that's something that we haven't done this year, but that we need to do to have a chance to beat North Carolina."

On Duke's passing game showing improvement
"I certainly hope so. You're right it did come around. I though that the line and the backs did a good job protecting Zack (Asack). You can see that he and our team gained confidence as we went along offensively, especially in the second half."

On the open week
"I've been really proud of this team to hang together through the rough times that we've had. As far as hanging together, I'm not worried about that. This team's done that. But, you know, we certainly used (the open week) to our advantage last week. We had some guys who had been playing nicked up, and we got them fresh, like Ronnie Drummer. We got him his extra gear back, which he had been playing hobbled up. And if you're a speed guy and that's your deal, you want to have your speed to use your weapons. We got him where he's got some fresh legs, and we did a lot of our physical, heavy contact, work last week, and yesterday as well. We'll do a certain amount of that in the beginning of the week, and then we'll use this week toward the end of the week to get fresh, from both a physical and a mental standpoint, and to polish off the game plans."

On North Carolina's depth at defensive line
"You're right, they've got depth and some athleticism up front. They've done a good job putting some pressure on the quarterback, and you certainly saw examples of that against Maryland. So they're doing a good job there, but this comes down to doing your assignment as hard as you can do it, and as well as you can do it. And it doesn't fall on any one particular group; it doesn't fall on just the offensive line; it falls also on the tight ends and the backs, because at times they're involved in the protection of our quarterback, and also the quarterback, to get rid of the football."

On the impact of this week's game on Duke's long range goals
"I think we're going to be successful over the long haul, but you know when you're playing a rivalry game and it's the last game of the season; there's a momentum that it can give you going into the off-season, momentum going into the off-season program, momentum that carries you into recruiting. There's a lot of factors involved with that, and at the same time it's the next game. We want to win every game we're playing, but the last game leaves you with this taste, because for some guys it's the last game of their career. And like you said, it does have an impact with the momentum that you can possibly carry into the off-season."


On Preparing For Saturday's Game Versus North Carolina
"We just had the bye week which has a different feel because you don't have a game on Saturday. It's more of a laid back intensity. You have to keep level because you don't have a game so there's nothing really to get fired up for. We got a jumpstart on preparing for Carolina which was good. As far as this week goes, I'm sure there will be something tomorrow that our coaches will use as a tool for get us ready."

On Understanding The Rivalry Between Duke and North Carolina
"I started playing in the third or fourth game of the season during my redshirt freshman year. Everybody was telling me how big the rivalry is between Duke and North Carolina. After the game when they beat us on a last second field goal, they went down and trounced our helmet. I knew after that game what it was like and I knew from the intensity of that game what the rivalry was like. I think the upperclassmen understand the rivalry. We have guys from across the country, not just guys from North Carolina. You don't really have the sense of the rivalry your first year but as soon as you step into a game with Carolina, you get a feel for it."

On Saturday's Game Versus North Carolina
"Winning on Saturday wouldn't make up for the season but wining the last game of the year, especially against Carolina, definitely would give you a positive on some of the negatives. It would be a really big positive because you don't have another game until next year. So you can live off that win until the next football game. I've been through one win and two losses against them and the off season where we won, it was a lot more fun."

On Duke's 2003 Win Over Tar Heels
"Without a doubt, that has been my favorite game since I've been here. The feeling of the game and the way we ended our season was great. You can take a lot of things from that game. It was a big victory in the ACC and a victory against our biggest rival."

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