David Noel Update: 5/4/02

RALEIGH, NC -- David Noel's NC AAU 19U squad from Durham dismantled an undersized team from Gastonia in the preliminary rounds of the tournament by a score of 132-68 and won by forfeit over the NC Red Storm team in the scheduled evening game.

David Noel tallied only 10 points, but probably could have scored at least 30 had he been more offensive-minded. He did most of his work on the backboards, dishing out assists, and in creating some havoc on the defensive end. But, with five other future D-I players, he showed that he is more than willing to fill the void where it's needed.

Author's Note:Due to technical difficulties, the tape of this interview was not able to be played back for transcription, so this is being reported from memory to the best of the author's recollection.
You didn't look as if you were trying to score a lot out there today. Why was that?

"This team has six Division-I players on it. They didn't need me to score. I just wanted to go out and give 100% and do what my team needed from me, so I just played hard on defense and worked hard to get rebounds and find my team mates on offense."

Can you score if needed?

"Oh, yeah. Southern Durham needed me to score so I did, but this team didn't need that."

It sounds as if you'd be happy with a win, even if you don't score a lot.

"That's true. If I go out and score 30 points and we lose, that's no good."

How do you think this mentality will help you at Carolina?

"It just shows that I can do other things. I don't have to score. We're going to have lots of players that can score. I just want to go in and play hard to do the things that will help us win.

Matt can't really speak publically about you, like he can the other recruits. What has he told you to expect? What position will you play?

"He said that I'll play the two and the three and that he's going to treat me like all the other scholarship players. He's not promising me anything but an opportunity to earn playing time.

Have you had a chance to meet any of the other players in the freshman class?

"I met Raymond Felton when I was at Carolina on a football visit, but I don't really know him. I have played AAU ball with Rashad for a few years, so I know him, and when I get there for Summer School, it's my job to show Damion Grant around, so I'll get a chance to meet him.

What have the coaches asked you to work on between now and your arrival on campus?

"My ball-handling, mostly."

You've said that basketball is you first love. Is it possible that you could have accepted a basketball scholarship to another school if you couldn't play at Carolina?

"Yes, it's possible. Other schools like Wake Forest, Clemson, and some others offered me scholarships. Clemson told me that they have one for me right now. But my heart is set on playing at Carolina, and nothing can change that now."

Earlier in the day, prior to the first game, David took the SAT. If necessary, he will have another chance in June to take it prior to enrolling at Carolina.

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